Monday, February 17, 2020

Volunteers visit ponies

Ponies Toby and Stormy are out at Terolyn horse rescue. The Edwards volunteers Josh, Madeline, Tyler, and Evan love on the ponies. Josh cleans out the feet while the others brush. Toby and Stormy have made new friends but enjoy the visit from their old friends.

Valentine Cookies

Josh, Madeline, Tyler, and Amanda made cookies for Valentines day. We thank everyone for their help today and making cookies.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Visit from the Farrier

The farrier came out to look at Toby's and Stormy's feet. He trimmed Toby's feet to help him walk better. Tyler holds Stormy while Josh watches over the farrier to learn what he is doing.

Roxanne's happy birthday

Everyone at Edwards wishes our valued volunteer Roxanne a happy birthday. Josh, Tyler, Evan, Harley, Kristie, Brian, Siobhan, Anna, Rose, and Kevin all wish her a happy birthday.

Goats enjoy Christmas trees

There's only one way to get rid of old Christmas trees. Cecil, Willow, Leah, and Wriggly love the gift. The goats love attention from people so come and visit them.

New llamas at the rescue

 The rescue has welcomed two new llamas to the herd. Tyler and Josh help welcome Kanga and Roo.
 Nathan is excited to meet the new llamas.
 The llamas go out on a walk together to become friends.
We thank everyone for the hard work they are putting into these llamas.