Monday, October 26, 2020

Cat's comfy bed


Another bag of food is done. The empty bag makes a nice bed.
Waste not, want not!

Saturday, October 24, 2020

LDS Young Women, Ace, Bryce, Mia and Dave load llamas and goats

The LDS Young Women's group, Ace, Bryce, Mia and Dave loaded the llamas and goats into the trailer. Thanks to Dave and Mia for hauling them out to Terolyn Horses for the fundraiser for Neo. 
What great helpers!


Fundraiser for Neo: A FUN Day!

These llamas and goats were part of an obstacle course fundraiser at Terolyn Horses for a colt, Neo, who underwent a hernia surgery and is recuperating.

Ace went with Lynda to Terolyn Horse Farm to bring the goats and llamas for the obstacle course. 
What a great helper she is!

Granddaughter, Ryann, is riding her horse, who is being dressed up like a little devil. 
She just needs to add the horns and red tail.

Ace is posing in the indoor haunted arena. 
She's about to fight the dragon and skeleton dog with little Daisy.
Daisy is looking at the skeleton dog to see if it is related. 
Daisy came along to get her toenails trimmed by VetTech Shauna, 
who flew in from Tennessee to help Teri for the event. 

The dragon is watching over Ace, looking up on him.

Bill and Sam are getting ready for the obstacle course.

Llamas Nathan, Millie and Elizabeth were the most popular part of the obstacle course.

Three Little Pigs and their Farmer in the Halloween Costume Contest.
Lots of fun and creative costumes!

Ghoulish fun with ghostly riders.

A horse visiting the haunted dragon lair.

Penny Dreadful Clown saying hello to a horse.

What a FUN day!

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Care and Community-Ready for Halloween and always Ready to help

                           What wonderful helpers we have! We appreciate you all so much!                                                       

                                                         Michael, Emily, Jason, Eddie

                                                                            Big Dog
                                                                Sweet kitty

Friday, October 9, 2020

Rowdy's 30+ stitches removed, 9/24/20

Dr. Debbie Samhouri did Rowdy's cryptorchid's surgery. 
Now two weeks later, we're ready to remove the stitches. 

Volunteers Eric and Lorine successfully removed 30+ stitches from Rowdy's surgery scars. 
Looks like his incisions healed nicely! 

Thanks to Dr Samhouri for a great surgery and Eric and Lorine for removing all those stitches.

After stitch removal.

A close-up of carefully removing the 30+ stitches. Rowdy was a good patient.

Eric and Lorine removed the stitches while Lynda supervised.

Lilly is watching and making sure Rowdy is doing ok.


Ace and Hercules

Ace riding Hercules.

Impromptu fence mending, 9/1/2020

We had an impromptu fence mending party after Hercules knocked over some fence railing to get to greener grass. Zane, Allan, Carson and Ramsey kindly repaired the fence for us. Great job everyone!