Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Wonderful Wendy!

One of our amazing volunteers, Anna Schenecker, graduates with the class of 2020! Yesterday, her high school in Castle Rock, CO had a graduation parade for all the seniors, since their ceremony was postponed due to current circumstances.

Anna plans to attend the University of Kansas on an academic scholarship for the Fall 2020 - 2021 school year, and plans to major in Business Administration and Management.

Anna will receive graduation honors for her work in National Honor Society, FBLA, National Art Honor Society, and the DCHS International Baccalaureate Program.

Her nickname around the Edwards Foundation is Wendy of the Lost Boys because she helps to keep everything running smoothly and loves to bake treats for her friends at the Foundation!

Congratulations Anna!

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Anna visits some goats.

Anna taking some time to visit with the Goats!

Monday, May 11, 2020

Thursday, May 7, 2020

If you didn't know... Goats are messy!

Ethan and Ross spending some time cleaning out the goat pin. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Share your photos with us!

Recently we have had a abundant amount of volunteers taking pictures, and we want them ALL! We want your funny, interesting and quirky photos of you working on the farm. To do this follow the steps below.

1- Download the Google photos app. Its a free app with unlimited storage.
2- Download your camera roll to the app! It takes a few minutes to download any amount of photos.
3- Once downloaded, select your barn photos and press new group
4- enter the following email:
5- press send!
6- We will get the photos within minutes.

We cannot wait to see your photos!

Disclaimer: By sending us your photos we have permission to post them.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Some of the People that Make it all Possible in these Uncertain Times.

During the 2020 Covid-19 outbreak the country was put on hold. The stay at home orders were put into place to keep everyone safe. Despite this being a law in Colorado, the Edwards Foundation remained open because it was an essential operation for the animals well-being and the guidelines of social distancing were followed. Some amazing volunteers decided to come in every week, some every morning, to help with the animals. We refer to them as the Quarantine Squad and I would like to introduce them to you!

Josh is a 17 year old from Parker. He came to the barn 4 years ago looking for something to keep him busy. He is known as the "boss" of the farm and is everyone's friend. Next summer he is moving to Oklahoma to go to farrier school. During the 8 weeks of quarantine he completed almost 200 hours of service. At the barn he spends his time making sure everything is in order and the animals are as happy as possible. His favorite animal is Bandit and Chicken Nugget the chicken. He also helps out at Terolyn Horse Rescue. Thank you Josh for your years of dedication and the smile you put on everyone's face!  

Evan is a 17 year old from Parker. He has been here for 1 year, and is a HUGE animal lover. During quarantine he did 52 hours of hard work. At the barn he spends his time making sure all animals are healthy and up to date with their medications. The barn has become a second home for him and his favorite memory is catching llamas via lasso. His favorite animals are Nathan and Chip. Thank you Evan for all your hard work!!!!!!

Tyler (pictured left) is a 17 year old from Parker. He has been going to the barn for a year with his brother Evan (pictured above). During the quarantine he has completed 52 hours of volunteer work, he also works up to 40 hours per week at an essential computer repair business. At the barn he makes sure all of the animals are brushed down, walked and loved on. His favorite animal is Loki and his favorite memory is halter training Loki. Thank you Tyler for all you do at the barn !!!

Richard is a 17 year old from Aurora. His dream is to be on the Disney Imaginary Team. He has been volunteering at the farm for 4 months. During quarantine he has volunteered 262 hours of his time! While at the barn he fixes things so everything is in working order. His favorite animals are Bandit and Kellie and his favorite memory is spending his days with the friends he meets at the farm. Thank you for keeping the barn in tip top shape!

Annette is from Parker. She is known as the "mom" of the Quarantine Squad. She has spent her life around animals and after retiring from the police force 6 months ago, she came to the farm and wanted to spend her days around animals. While at the barn she often brings her grandson Dominic who has inherited her love for animals. During the 8 weeks of quarantine she has completed 264 hours of volunteering not only coming in the morning but doing the night shift as well! At the barn she helps feed the animals, keeping the animals clean and collecting eggs. Her favorite memory is showing her grandchildren the animals and how to work hard while having fun! Her favorite animal is Nathan ! We can not thank you enough for all you do for us here at Edwards Animals!

Dominic is the coolest 12 year old you will EVER meet. During quarantine he came to the farm with his grandmother Annette and completed 182 hours of volunteering! While other kids wanted to sleep in during quarantine he was out doing barn chores. Dominic is known as the "goat whisper" because he has the patience to sit in a field waiting for the goats to come to him. This is a great talent to have when working at the farm. He spends his days at the farm collecting eggs, training goats and shadowing the older kids! His favorite memory is training not one but three goats to go across the seesaw! Nathan is his favorite animal. Thank you Dominic for bringing excitement to the barn. Everyone loves your jokes! 

Anna is an 18 year old girl from Castle Rock, CO. She has committed to the University of Kansas for the Fall 2020 - Spring 2021 school year, WITH AN AMAZING SCHOLARSHIP in academics. She has been helping out at the Edwards Foundation for over 6 months, and during quarantine has completed over 80 hours of community service! Her nickname at the foundation is Wendy in charge of the Lost Boys. At the barn, Anna spends her time making breakfast for the volunteers and helping with the animals and doing odd jobs in any way possible. Anna's favorite animals are Wriggly and Honey and her favorite memories are of spending time with the guys and meeting all sorts of new people. Thank you Anna for your delicious treats and your dedicated service!

Emily is 18 years old from Aurora. She came to the barn wanting to do something meaningful during quarantine. She committed to Mansfield University for the Cross Country/Track Team! She trains diligently with running and weight training to keep herself in shape! At barn she spends time grooming the goats, riding Dealer and taking photos. Her favorite memory is forming friendships and her favorite animal is Bandit. During the 8 week stay at home order she volunteered 168 hours of her time here at Edwards Animals and 15 hours at Terolyn Horse Rescue! Thank you Emily for all you have done for us during quarantine! 

Ryan is 18 years old from Parker. He came to the barn like most volunteers needing hours for school. He soon became a regular volunteer, exceeding his hours needed. He completed 176 hours of service during the 8 weeks of quarantine! His future goal is to become a large animal equine vet. At the barn he spends his time giving medications, playing with the goats and making sure all animals are healthy. He will also help out with mechanical needs at the foundation. His favorite animals are Dealer, Wrigley and Loki. He can often be found taking a nap in the yard with Wriggley after a long day of barn chores! Thank you Ryan for your hard work and dedication here at the farm! 

We're going NuTs again!

Ryan Releasing a 3rd squirrel this week! 
Squirrel was so excited he didn't even say goodbye.
 Off to start a better new squirrel life!