Thursday, March 15, 2018

Volunteers ready willing and able :)

                                        Volunteers are such good helpers!!!!  All are ready to go.
 Stalls are clean and now Goldie, Cabaret and Angel get to go for a walk.
Next in line are the llamas, ponies and goats.  What a beautiful day for a walk
                 Bucky checks to make sure all his friends have returned.  All is well!!

Alpacas Return

 LLama LLama or Alpaca Alpaca??????  Come visit to learn how to tell the difference between Cameliades.
                                            Poden, Q and Blue going out for a walk.
Laurie gave the trio such a nice home for the winter.  We think spring is on its way.  Volunteers were really missing them.  Now Laurie is really missing them (:.  She had nick named them Big, Medium and Little :).  We are glad to have them back and very thankful Laurie gave them such nice winter accommodations.

Molly gets to walk!

                          Molly's best friends, out for a walk. Thanks, From Molly!!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Campus, Thunderidge, Cimarron, Horizon visits

                                                                  Saturday Visitors

                                           Morning Llama Walk with Orionna and Owen

                          Saijyothi, Eugenia, Lillian, Luke, Riley, Owen, Orionna, and Theo walked
                                                                     the llamas.                   

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Molly Goes for a walk

 Molly the zebu hasn't gone for a walk in a very long time. Josh and Leah put a halter on her and walked her around the property to start to teach her to love walks.
Hopefully she will soon be going for a walk with the other animals.

Farrier Visits

 The farrier visits the farm to trim and clean the horse's hooves.
Toby gets a much needed trim and clean of his hooves. Now the horses will have a better time in this cold weather.
Fast Eddie gets his feet trimmed to keep him happy and healthy. John helps out by holding Eddie.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

New T-Shirts

Our new t-shirt design is modeled by a group from Care and Community. Our new design is enjoyed by everyone and every animal. Midnight the cat wonders when she can get one.