Monday, June 19, 2017

Felix and Diego in Forever Home

 Happy-Happy!  Knee deep in grass. :)  We are so happy this family chose these friendly guys.  Their vet gave them a wellness check and neutered them.  We love happy stories!!
Felix and Diego have lots of TLC with this family of 6.  They will have their own personal guard llama to protect them.  Their vet reports that their new home is "Heaven" We are so happy for all.
Happy Happy !!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Collage Break Sydney pays a visit

 Stormy gets TLC.
 Hannah gets TLC.
 Molly gets TLC.
Red gets help folding up the harrow. Red not only repaired the harrow but he also took time to drag the field. Sydney practices her body building skills :).

Donation of hay

 Not only did Frank donate hay, but he also used his fancy tractor to load hay. Thanks Frank.
 This is Kolbi. He loads the trailer with hay.
He knows how the make a neat stack and fit all the bails n the trailer.

Alpaca Hair Cut

Alpacas ready to loose hundreds of pounds of fiber.
 Mark and crew have a production line. The fiber comes off like a winter coat.
 Animals lay in the shade to get toenailes and teeth inspected.
 Now that the body fiberis off, it is time to remove the neck fiber.
Ready for the hot days in summer. Thanks Taheresa for including us in the group trim.

Still working on gravel

We are still trying to spread the gravel and everyone is helping. Bucky, Valentine, and Angel are all helping. We would like your help if you have time.

Weed Eaters

Special delivery to green pasture.
 Bandit, Ziggy, Marley, Newt, Redwood, Nimbus, Bublegum, and Mudpie offer to mow this field.
Josh confers with Vonna, about the goats. They will return when their job is done.

Delivery Of Road Base

 Work crew ready.
 Thanks to the driver for making two different dump spots.
Alpacas take interest in the work going on. Now the work begins. If you have extra energy and would like to help us spread gravel, we would appreciate it.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Llama Love

Our llama Buckey got some extra love from our volunteers Miranda and Josh! We also had a very special visitor, LaNell , and she had a great time saying hello to all of our friends!

An Igloo in Summer!

A new igloo was donated to us to keep the animals cool on these hot summer days... or our volunteers!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017


These wonderful toddlers are part of a group that are learning sign language. They came to meet the animals to learn the signs. Our volunteer Kevin lead the tour and told them about our animals. We thank them for their generous donation. Hopefully some will come back when they are ten to help us with chores.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

La Mancha goat

American Lamancha goat

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

LaMancha doe in the show ring

Closeup of a LaMancha doe's head, showing wattles present.
American Lamancha, or more commonly, simply Lamancha or LaMancha, is a formally recognized breed of dairy goat, first bred in Oregon by Mrs. Eula Fay Frey.[1][2] The Lamancha goat is a member of the Capra genus, specifically Capra aegagrus hircus (sometimes called Capra hircus), like all domestic goats.
Lamancha goats are perhaps the most distinctive goat breed;[3] easily recognizable by their very short ear pinnae.[1] They are also known for their high milk production, and the comparatively high butterfat content in their milk.[2] The short-eared American Lamanchas first gained recognition as a distinct breed in the early 1950s,[4] and the breed was registered formally on January 27, 1958[5] as "Lamancha or American Lamancha" goats.[6] Approximately 200 animals were accepted at registration as its original stock.[5] The first true American Lamancha goat registered was named Fay's Ernie, L-1.[5]
The LaMancha goat is the only breed of goat developed in the United States. Although it is interesting folk lore and short eared goats do run throughout history, there is not, nor has there ever been, a breed known as the Spanish LaMancha.[7] The Term "American Lamancha" is an ADGA term which denotes a goat that is mostly Lamancha but has unknown genetics or varied genetics of other purebredgoats.[8]
Pepper and Dina placed by John Wayne
Thank you Margaret for your information.  Two of our goats are visiting her this summer to "mow" her pasture.  I had thought one was an Alpine due to the short twisted ears.  It is a La Mancha:).
These two goats are visiting with Margaret for the summer.
She claas the La Mancha goat Dulcinea and the alpine goat Yodel.  Names easier to remember :)

Monday, June 5, 2017

Llama Shear Day!!

 Felix and Diego Go For a Walk in preperration for their adoption!

 Poden and Blue offer their assistance. Alpacas will be sheared June 9th.
Judy & Amp; Kirk Glaser of Rock Wood Llamas makes annual visit to give shots, cut toe nails, shear and wellness check. Llamas are getting ready for summer. We thank them for their assistance and dedication.

It's always wonderful to have visitors at Edwards Foundation

A freshly sheered llama is the perfect thing to make anyone smile! Our volunteers are soaking up the sun with the animals! Happy Summer!

Felix and Diego found a forever home!!

This wonderful family came all the way from Golden to meet Felix and Diego.  They fell in love with them and the feeling was mutual!  They filled out an adoption form and we got confirmation from their vet that they were educated and responsible animal caretakers.  By the next week Felix and Diego were on their way to a new forever home.  They will be protected by the family's llama. :)