Saturday, May 11, 2019

Alpaca's new home

 Our alpacas were adopted on Wednesday to a new wonderful home. Q is offloaded from the trailer and he is very excited.
 Poden, Blue, and Q are smelling and seeing all the new sights and smells of their new home.
Our three alpacas will fit right in with their new heard. We are very happy they found such a great forever home.

Thank you Hannah

 Our great volunteer Hannah fixed the feed trough with her welding skills.
 Josh, Harley, Hannah, and Leah helped trim Bandit's feet.
We are getting lots of farm fresh eggs from our chickens.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Dog food donation

 We got a donation of dog food. It will go to good use and our dogs love it. This was arranged by Jamie. We shared the dog food with another rescue, Terrolyn horse rescue, and vet tech Shawna.

Scouts visit

A few weeks ago, a group of scouts came to help out the farm.

 Lynda tells everyone about Toby the pony.
 This group of scouts were shown around by our wonderful volunteers Josh and Brian.
 They fed the animals hay after they had cleaned the barn.
To finish the day, the scouts enjoyed making snow angles. We thank the great crew of scouts that came out to the farm.

Visit from Endevor

 A group from Endevor came to visit the farm.
 They were a wonderful help and did a wonderful job.
 They visited the animals and loved meeting the llamas.
They helped clean up around the barn and filled the manure spreader. We thank Endevor so much for coming and helping.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

First day of spring

 Eddie the goat is enjoying to warm spring sun. He is now able to walk. Two years ago he was unable to walk, but now he enjoys going on walks. Our Wonderful volunteer has been trimming Eddie's feet and Eddie can now walk.

 Our horse Dealer has returned to the farm. Dealer has cancer in his eyes and is getting treatment.
Toby the mini horse has had terrible problems in his feet. But in the last few days, he has started running for the first time in a few months. We are so happy that our mini is doing so good.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Dr. Dunbar helps out the farm

 Dr. Dunbar came to float Stormy's teeth and checked Goldie's teeth. She x-rayed Toby's legs to see why he is crippled.
She and her assistant even had enough time to see the llamas.

Littleton vet Dr. Dunbar visits Goldie

 Dr. Dunbar and her assistant Loren came to float Goldie's teeth. Goldie is 32 years old and her teeth needed ground down.
 Teeth mostly done.
In her examination, Dr. Dunbar found an abscess that needed to be cleaned and packed. She is doing well and everything is going good.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Harley becomes a teenager!!

                                                             Happy Birthday Dear Harley!!!
                                   Volunteers gathered to celebrate her special day.
                           Harley is ready with a big, sharp, knife!  She is a pro with a knife :)
                                                   Candles out and ready to celebrate!!


Thanks to Patty for arranging a work day for some of the staff at Travel Port!
 Mark oiled all hinges & sliders! Now we have to be careful because everything moves smoothly and without squeaks. So all the animals were able to stay behind closed doors during the Bomb Cyclone!
 Daniel and crew helped fluff all the beds and stalls with new shavings and fluffy straw.  Fast Eddies gets special attention while Ziggy waits his turn.  Thank you Daniel!

Not only is Jason getting lots of attention from Ziggy, he installed solar lights and replaced tile in the sun room!
Patty scrubs the water trough!
 This wonderful team helped feed all the animals!
                                              Lumberjack Daniel trims some of the trees.
Horse-whisperer Mark helps with Chemo treatment for Dealer.  Dealer just returned from check up at CSU veterinary clinic.  He had eye surgery last week of December to remove tumors from both eyes.
The whole crew bids a fond farewell and Elizabeth & Nathan say Please come back soon!
Thank you Patty, Jason, Daniel & Mark!!!!!!


 After spending a night in the barn during the blizzard, they decided to get breakfast in bed!
 These little goats spent the night in their specially made igloos and stayed warm!  They received breakfast in bed too!
 These cuties play King of the Mountain on the snow drifts!
 All is well on the Western Front!
We could not do this without our volunteers, Thank you Jackson!

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Ziggy has returned

 We are so pleased that James and Cynthia took such good care of this goat. Due to a few factors, they no longer could take care of this goat. We thank them so much for giving him a great home for 2 years and returning him to us.
Ziggy is a big goat but very nice with people. Come meet the new arrival.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Goldie's 32nd birthday

Our wonderful horse Godie celebrated her birthday with all of her wonderful helpers. She is now 32 and loving her cake that one of our volunteers made. Thank you everyone for coming out to see Goldie on her birthday.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Animals taking care of each other

The animals are taking great care of each other this snowy day. Molly the cow takes ccaare of Eddie the goat.

Dogs in the snow

Our little dog Daisy is loving the warmth of her pink coat, provided by our volunteers. She liked to watch the snow fall from the porch.
Chip and Sammy loved playing in the snow and Chip enjoyed covering himself in the snow.

Rocky's new home

 One of our goats, Rocky, was adopted by the Black Forest Animal Rescue. Our volunteers Josh and Jalee went to Colorado Springs to drop off the goat. If you live near Colorado Springs we would recommend you check them out. They are a wonderful place.
Rocky has made himself king of the hill.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Willow the goats' tooth check up

One of our goats named Willow had to get her two front teeth taken out. Our volunteer Josh spotted that she needed help and we brought her to Dr. Dale's clinic.
Dr. Dale removed the teeth and she is doing much better and is eating fine.
These are what goat teeth look like.