Thursday, September 4, 2014


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This is Goliath (aka go-go).
He is about 8 years old. Goliath is part chihuahua and part silky hair terrier. His owner, for 7 years, lost her home and had to move to a place she could not take Goliath. 
He is in the process of being neutered and has immunizations, which are due in a couple months. He will be immunized at the time of neutering. His grooming is minimal. Most important is to trim the hair out of his eyes and keep his nails clipped.  
Goliath is a loving little guy that likes to be babied. He currently lives with two cats and gets along with them. He is close buddies with a tabby. He lived with another dog and warmed up to a Boxer, when introduced to her. She frightened him a little because he had never seen a large dog before. They became friends.
Goliath does have a tendency to relieve himself on plastic bags when not let out in enough time. We have him going on piddle pads, with a walmart bag placed on top, if we know it will be a while. He is also kennel trained. We have a sun room we place the piddle pads and he is very good about taking his urgent needs out there to the piddle pads.
Goliath is not much for taking walks, because of his desire to hunt cars and airplanes. Yes, airplanes. I don't know what happened between little Goliath and airplanes, but they seem to be his arch enemy. He is not much of an outdoors type of guy. Goliath only barks at cars, airplanes, people coming in the door (until he sees them, then it is "pet me I love you"), dishes being put away (he more speaks protest to the clinking than barking), and anyone speaking to him in a very high pitch. He sings along with my daughters viola playing.
If you are interested in finding out more about Goliath, please contact the Edwards Foundation.

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