Sunday, May 29, 2022

llama sheer

 Thanks to Rockwood llamas with judy and kurk to get are llamas so nicely sheered. All volunteers were great help Hailey learned how to give shots.

Woodie Dowdy C2E

Challenge to Excellence school has been such a great supporter of the Edwards Foundation. This spring they had a fundraiser for us and the students could donate money and wear an outfit of there own choosing. They collected a hefty sum made up of nickels, dimes, dollars, and even quarters. This bag weighed almost 50 pounds, When we took it to the bank, they put it in a big machine to count.  It took almost forever. The grand total ended up being $1,988.70   Thank all of you for your generous donations. 

Standing in front of the hay that was paid for in most part by the money collected from C2E. Ms. Chapman and her crew are awesome.  And after their visit, another envelope containing $48 was found!  

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Avian Bird Flu


Edwards foundation will no longer be accepting birds, chickens, or ducks due to the bird flu.

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Duck Babysitting Ducklings

 Here are many new little duckling.  Many people buy ducks chicks and bunnies in the spring time without the proper time, energy, space, and facilities. When people do that they soon want to get rid of them so we end up with them here. Instead of getting a duck go get a chocolate duck. 

Friday, May 20, 2022

Hay delivery

This good helper, Carina, at Edwards Foundation getting the Hay shed ready for hay delivery.

Thanks to Rod Denning of Hitch N Post hay for delivery and stacking!

Delivery on time to get all stored before our spring storm.  Thanks to the team that made all this possible, Scott, Jayden and Paige.

 Elizabeth says " Good Morning,  How much snow is predicted?"

Pretty Polly.

Pretty Polly, and her bff buttons were adopted ten years ago to a wonderful family in Elizabeth. Then sadly buttons passed away and Polly was lonely so her owners decided to return her here to reunite with her goat friends. Come visit her she loves attention and of course  treats.