Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Bandit takes a ride

                                           Kevin, Pete, and Jessi get ready to take Bandit for a ride

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Jessi and the Chickens

                                              Jessi takes an artsy picture with one of the chickens

Monday, June 27, 2016

llama shear

 on Saturday Judy and Kurt Glaser from Rockwood llamas arrived with their chute for the annual trim, shots, and general health inspection. Sophia gets ready to bag the fiber as Judy shears.
 Stormy checks to make sure everything is going okay.
 Toby comes around and is also interested.
Judy trims toes and does a pad inspection.
 Ian helped give shots, bag fiber, and load and unload the chute.
 Lily helped with shots and bagging the fiber from ElizabethJohn walks Elizabeth to show off her new haircut.

 Kurt walks Millie to show off her new haircut.
Elizabeth scratches spots that have not seen daylight for more than a year.


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Pedicures all around!

On this very hot fathers day weekend, Farrier Aaron Craigie came around to trim two horses, three ponies, one donkey and a goat!! Volunteers took turns holding the animals. Colton holds Toby who is a very good gentleman when getting his hoofs trimmed. Thank you for all of your help!

Update on the Wild Child!

Opal is the name of this little Kitten that many remember as the week old baby, that had to be fed every three hours and encouraged to poop. Thanks to Terri and Ryan she is now a full fledged wild child! Her best friend is a rescued pit bull named Mocha. She has grown into a ferocious, independent little hunter! Thank you to all who helped and see her get better in health and spunk!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Terolyn Horse Rescue welcomes a new mare and filly to the family

Thanks to all who so generously donated to bail out the beautiful mare and filly (Mia) from the kill pen. Follow their progress on facebook for Terolyn Horse Rescue.

Foal watch 2016

 After two months of anticipation this little cutie came into the world on Wednesday the 15th of June
 He and his mama have been adopted by this kind hearted lady named Barb

He came out almost full grown and hungry.  Thanks for all the support and blessings everyone has been wonderful. Foal watch 2016 is officially over!!!!! Thanks

Blast from the Past

Our neighbors decided to stop by to give us a political blast from the past! Thank you Lisa for sharing this precious memory. We remember the weekends long ago and all of the help that we got with the yard sale to raise money for our hay.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Field trip for the Goats!

Volunteers Fabian, Katelyn, Kolton load up for a quick friendship tour! Visiting Margret who had just lost her dear goat named "Naners". Thank goodness for Jennifer who knew how to drive a stick shift for the short trip!!
Safe arrival greeted by Margret who is so happy to see her visitors!
Margret, Bucky, Angel and Bandit enjoy walking through the tall grass and getting a wonderful snack!!

GS Troop 4620

These wonderful girl scouts came for a visit to help with the chores!! Not only did they come to volunteer but also brought milk bones, dog and cat food! Aren't they adorable! We hope to see you girls again soon! Thank you so much for all of your help!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Mare due to Foal Soon!

This beautiful mare has started to bag up! Getting ready for a big event in the next couple days so stay tuned. The good news is this beautiful mare has been adopted to a beautiful lady named Barb. Congratulations to both. Looking forward to hearing the good news! Check out Terolyn Horse Rescue because Teri just brought in a new rescue mare with her filly. They will be able to keep company in raising their babies.

Thanks to Jay for setting up this foal watch.  Here are are the directions so that you can watch for when the foal comes. Make sure to tune into camera 1. Mare is outside during the day, but in the foaling stall in the evenings.

Download swannview plus app for phone.
Go to top left corner-3 bars.
Go to devices.
Go to top right and push + button.
Enter alias-foal watch.
Tap UID not register mode and put in
WFX8MRB4X8MCH4CA111A all caps.
Tap password and put in 12345.
Go to top right corner and save.
Hit start viewing. Should see four boxes top left will show video. Tap twice on box to make it full screen. Contact Jay if you need help at 303-888-9435.

Saturday Morning Volunteers

Special thanks to these volunteers who came early this Saturday morning to help get the hay into the barn. They were not upset to hear that Eric had come with the Bobcat to help put the hay in the shed and the barn on Friday evening. Who else would give up a Saturday morning to help move 22 tons of hay! Thank you to Rachel, Jordan, Matt and his family, Lily, Fabien and Jennifer, Stephanie, Roxanne and Ian. We all give a big shout out to Eric and his hay moving skills that saved us lots of time and prevented heat stroke for all of us!

Hay Delivery

 Greg Kearns of Blue Moon Carriages and the best hay delivery service. He got us the most beautiful hay all the way from Glenwood Springs, Colorado and made sure to get it here before the rain and hail! Thank you Greg and thank you for all of the generous donations that helped to pay for this hay!

Greg has the most wonderfully engineered unloading system that includes ramps and chains and pulleys. This helps to get the hay unloaded and stack it neatly for storage. 

This is Greg making sure that everything is going smoothly. He is the best of the best!

The front end of the stack is being unloaded. The operation went smoothly and took less than an hour so Greg could get home to his beautiful family.

All stacked and delivered, just waiting for the volunteers to get it into the barn before the storm!

This is the unloading mechanism used to unload the hay. Before leaving, Greg thought he would put a call into his friend Eric to come help get the hay under cover before the storm.

Here is Eric with the Bobcat and its hay moving claws!

Eric uses this magnificent machine to pick up a dozen bales of hay at a time! Eric came right away from Colorado Springs to help out. You can see the storm clouds quickly gathering in the background.

This machine can reach the top of the hay and can pick up an entire section off of the top. 

The storm is building so the hay is headed for the shed!

Still runnin' before the storm.

Moving as fast as he can to get the hay put up.

Volunteer Hunter came to help on his last day in town before heading to Louisiana for the summer.


Tree Removal

This winter our strange weather took a tree. Colton used his ax man skills to chop the tree down and remove the tree down for firewood. Colton walked away with all legs and arms intact. Yay!