Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dr. Dave Barton works his magic on Goldie and Coco

Dr. David Barton from Integrative Wellness group in Castle Rock came out to do an equine chiropractic adjustment on Goldie the 24 year old quarter horse with a hunters lump.  He found that the lump was not calcified--good news.  He worked on her SI (sacroiliac) joints.  After this adjustment she was relaxed and able to better collect her back legs under her.

 Then Dr. Dave aligned the bones below her poll.  This allowed Goldie to bend her neck more easily.  At the end of the treatment there was a visible reduction of the hunter's lump.  Dr. Dave gave us some therapy exercises to improve her flexibility.
 Next Dr. Dave worked on Coco's shoulder.  She had lost most of the use of her leg due to a shoulder injury in the Hayman fire 10 years ago.
 With an adjustment in the scapula area Coco was able to put weight on her foot after years of dragging her foot!!!!!!  Coco was relaxed and readily accepted treatment.  After the visit she found a warm spot and rested peacefully.  Dr. Dave will return in a couple weeks to do a follow-up treatment.  Goldie and Coco say a big THANK YOU!!!  You can reach Dr. David Barton at 303-814-9262.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Corbin and Volunteers

This is Corbin with friends Lindsey and Cruz.  Lindsey is a student at Bel-Ray.  Corbin loves all the attention.  Come visit him.

Cat needs home

This is Opal.  We do not usually take in small animals but this young cat is so loving and affectionate we just knew we could find the purrfect forever home for her.  She is about a year old and in good health.  She is such a lady and uses a litter box.  We would you to come meet her.  I forgot to shut off the flash and that is why her big beautiful eyes are not wide open.  We also have a dutch house rabbit to place in a forever home. Come visit us.

Girl Scout Troop 3272

Here are the girls from Scout Troop 3272.  They spent the summer working on a Bronze and a Silver project.  After months of work they arrive with nesting box mats and flooring for the chicken nest box they spent the summer working on.  They came as early as 6 am so they could work before the temperature reached triple digits.  Leaders are Diana and Dina.  Scouts are Audra, Brooklyn, Cade, Grace, Lauren, Maria, Paxton, Robin, Skylar, and Sydney.
Here they check out the art work to keep the chickens happy while they nest.
The chicks love their new home!  Thanks Troop 3272