Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hay Day

Last Saturday was "Hay Day" at the farm. With the help of many volunteers, and one determined goat (the rather bossy Pancake), 280 bales of fresh hay were off-loaded for the animals to enjoy.

How many bales of hay? 280 to be exact.

Pancake offers to unload the hay one mouthful at a time, but still managed to organize the volunteers.

Yummy . . . fresh hay.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Due to the rapid spread of the devastating Equine Herpes Virus, we at the Edwards Foundation would like to encourage everyone to shut down all movement of llamas, burros and horses for the next three weeks - in hopes that this halt of movement will eliminate the virus.Add Image

Girl Scout Troop 1045 Comes To Visit

The Edwards Foundation was so happy to have the girl scout group 1045 come and see the animals. They had a great time brushing, feeding and walking them around. Not only were the girl scouts happy the animals were also so happy to be the center of attention, from every one that was there even the volunteers. Every one of the girls went home with a blue ribbon, some prizes were "best person to brush a goat" and "the best person to hold a chicken". Troop 1045 and the Edwards Foundation want to thank all of the volunteers that came to help and keep every one safe. Every one that was here had a great time, and thank you to girl scout troop 1045.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Need Help with Spring Planting

We hope spring will soon be here, Whoever thought we would have snow this late? Jessica came to help plant flowers. We need help getting our garden area ready to plant. Anyone interested? Maybe you could plant some for you and some for us. Can anyone help us with our composting endeavors? We have a rotating drum, a pit, and a bin of worms. What do we do now?

Edward's Foundation gets blogging help from Erin

We like to keep our blog followers updated on the recent happenings. Good thing Erin came around to offer her help and expertise.

Executive Internship Students Host Cherokee Trail Students

Miranda and Rachel are Executive Intern Students with Cherry Creek schools. They're seniors practicing in their fields of interest for half of their senior year. Rachel wants to be a teacher and Miranda wants to be a Nurse and work with horses. They combined their final project into a field trip for students with special needs. The first animal to greet the students was Molly, a Zebu who loves visitors.

Rachel and Miranda explain how Molly is a sacred cow from India.

Miranda explains how to brush Honey, a 32 year old quarter horse.

Two kids getting to know each other.

Coq-au-vin bonding with his new friend.

Everyone helps to unload a truck full of donated produce from Sunflower
Market, the animals love it!

Miranda and Rachel are so happy that the kids had a great time!

They all celebrated with a presentation of blue ribbons.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Parker Field House Day Camp

Edwards Animals had visitors from the Parker Field House Day Camp. Fast Eddie the Nubian goat was the first to greet the visitors and see if they brought him any food. After meeting the animals and brushing them the crew sat down for a while to visit with Aspen the American Eskimo and Coq Au Vin the banty rooster. Even though we are in the month of May and ready for sun and shorts, there was a cold wind blowing and Coco loved the warmth of laps.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bridget and Steve flip over Pancake

Bridget and Steve met a sweet Nubian girl by the name of Pancake. When Pancake did some damage at her residence she was slated to be sold to slaughter. These two friends decided to band together to save this sweet goat. They transported her for many miles and finally ended up at The Edwards Foundation where they were warmly welcomed on a cold afternoon. They bought Pancake a pretty pink collar and made a generous donation.

Pancake got a royal salute and a "comparison of horns" greeting from Whiskers the ruling Pygmy goat and Molly her lady in waiting Zebu.

Pancake became good friends with Lamborgini the horned sheep.

Her favorite food is the bloat block with molasses and minerals.

She started and finished her first meal with this block--a dessert that she shared with Tom Turkey. Come visit her. She loves people and has made many friends so far. She says "Thank You".... to Bridget and Steven.

Natural Balance trim for Hannah and Sugar

Jason is a farrier who works with Andrea and Larry to trim their mini that had been foundered. They adopted him and with the help of Jason got him "balanced" with healthy feet again. They are interested in giving a forever home to Hannah and Sugar.

Sugar listens while Jason works and talks to her.

Andrea talks to Hannah while she waits her turn. Both girls loved their nail trim (minus the nail polish).