Sunday, September 22, 2013

Parker Field House Day Camp visits

 Kids from Parker Field House Day camp help to brush Dealer
Camp kids pause to count heads and show eggs collected .
Everyone is excited to visit.

Help with chores!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Rain Mud Rain Mud etc.

We are happy to report no damage from the flooding.  We had lots of rain, water, and MUD.  Thanks to a berm to divert water that volunteers help build, most of the water was diverted.  However we still had lots of mud and water to deal with for several days.  Thanks to Just Serve volunteers from the LDS church we had lots of help shoveling the mud.  Note the fancy foot gear needed.  All the animals are doing fine.  They are glad to be out and about as they were kept in the barn and out of the mud for several days.

Farewell to Dex

This beautiful horse now resides in a field of flowers in horse heaven.  Dex was one of the group of horses we rescued from Crested Butte.  He was part of a heard raised by a rancher and then abandoned to be sold to killers in Mexico.  We took him and a dozen others as he needed extensive vet care to recover from a foot injury.  He also had to be quarantined for two months along with his heard companions.  (See our blog from two years ago)  The next obstacle for him was that he needed surgery at CSU for crypt orchid.  Along the way two angels were by his side.  Teri from Terolyn who gave him room and board and Roxanne a wonderful volunteer who advocated for him and got his surgery donated by the teaching staff at CSU.  Roxanne in addition to giving him lots of TLC and paying for his feed took this beautiful picture of him in a field of flowers.  He had such a good life when he got to Terolyn but sadly he had to be euthanized from a broken leg.  A plack and tree will be dedicated to him this weekend.