Saturday, September 23, 2023

Fundraising Event

 Fundraising Event

Laynee Wood, a senior graduate of class 2023 from Legend High School did a fundraising project for Edwards Foundation. This was an Avid Project, which is a college prep class. During this project she held a bake sale where all proceeds went to Edwards Foundation For Rescued Animals. She spread the word and put up flyers around her school. Thank you Laynee for raising money and helping Edwards Foundation!

Monday, September 4, 2023

Joyful Volunteers from Care and Community

 Joyful Volunteers from Care and Community 

These strong helpers are working towards moving rocks to to fill in our French drain for repair. 

Elijah has used his muscles to deliver a red bucket full of rocks. Mark supervises the rock delivery. 

Mark evaluates the proper positioning of the bucket of rocks. 

These men are so pleased because the red bucket is finally empty and they have completed their tasks. 

Bill, Elijah, and Kevin are hard workers!

Whoops, Kevin and Jason have found another bucket of rocks! Oh no!

Oday has found two more rocks to put in the trench. Now the job is finally done, who hoo!

Littleton Large Animal Vets

 Littleton Large Animal Vets

This week, Dr. Dunbar and her assistant Alicia came to do a fall vet check. This care and community group was able to watch and ask questions.
Both of the horses, Hercules and Dealer got their teeth checked and floated. They both got fall shots, deworming medication, and had their eyes checked. Looks like Dealer needs some follow up checks on his πŸ‘️, but his cancer is progressing much slower due to treatments!
We are so great full to Littleton large animal clinic and the wonderful vet, Dr. Dunbar for coming here and helping us so much with the animals!

Visitors from Care and Community get to talk to Dr. Dunbar about why horses have to have their teeth filed and why it is important for everyone to brush their teeth!

Dr. Dunbar and her very capable assistant Alisha start working on the horses teeth with the supervision of Angle, Dealers best goat friend.

Alisha was singing Dealer a wake up song as he was waking up from mild sedation. 

Hercules gets the same treatment as Dealer to get his teeth floated, his sheath cleaned, his injured eye inspected and his fall shots. 

Final check for Hercules teeth.

We thank you Dr. Dunbar for the one stop to check up on all of our animals and provide necessary treatment.

 The best news was when Dr. Dunbar checked on Dealer injured eye, and she believes the cancer in his eye is diminishing! We are thankful that the daily oral treatment Carnivora seems to be helping and will continue to use this treatment. She took pictures and will share it with Dr. Lamus from Littleton Vet and Dr. Montabalano who specializes in eye cancer. We are hoping to hear good news. 

Saturday, July 29, 2023


Find your peace here at Edwards Foundation for Rescued Animals

Take time to find peace, quiet, serenity and tranquility in all of our unique spaces. 

 Here at Edwards we are so blessed to have so many WONDERFUL visitors and volunteers. We could not do this without you all. Come help us search for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

Sunday, July 23, 2023

Goat Antics

Exciting News!

In just 24 hours, we said goodbye two two of our friends here, Ziggy & Oscar who have relocated to their forever home, and hello to two NEW friends, Wendall & Dodge! 

Both pairs have already settled into their new homes!

Wendall and Dodge are playful, curious,and have already stolen our hearts with their funny antics and heartwarming bond. We can't wait to watch them thrive and provide them with all the love and care they deserve.

Stay tuned for more updates and adorable goat moments!

Douglas County Grant Recipient!

We are so blessed to be the recipients of the DCCS Focus grant this year! We have big plans for the education and mental health of our visitors here at Edwards Foundation for Rescued Animals!

Thank you Douglas County for taking an interest in our program again this year and helping us reach out to impact more lives in our community!

To learn more about our foundation, visit

Friday, July 21, 2023

Day at Edwards

Kelly the goat is inspecting the handiwork of the barn cleaning as they nervously hope they pass inspection.

New signage for the Foundation

Young and Old learning about the goats (no tickle spots to be found!)

The llamas are sizing up the new visitors to see they haven't been passed up in height

Hard work sometimes deserves a good sit-down break with the dogs


Saturday, July 1, 2023

We are the proud recipients of a Douglas County Community Foundation(DCCF) Grant for mental health.

We are so delighted to be a recipient of a $1,000 DCCF grant for mental health. We will use this money wisely towards a peaceful, supportive environment for our animals, wonderful volunteers, and visitors from our community. Our animals are such great supporters of mental health as they relieve stress and provide comfort. We look forward to seeing how impactful this will be on both our community and animals and we thank Douglas County Community Foundation for choosing us! Stay tuned for a detailed presentation of how this grant has made a demonstrable and impactful positive difference in Douglas County.

A loving, caring visitor.

Our dear friend Louise came here to visit our Rescue. She fell in love with Hercules, our bigger horse. She was able to laugh and love on this horse, relieving stress and providing comfort. It is so amazing to see animal-loving people showing up here at our rescue and loving on our animals. We thank Louise for her time and welcoming character. We hope to see her again soon!


Thank you Girl Scout Troop 65409 for all that you did here!


Thank you to Meredith Wortzel for organizing her Girl Scout Troop 65409! We thank them for creating many motivational and colorful signs, helpful labels, and some amazing paintings!  It is astounding to walk around with all of these new decorations. Our volunteers can enjoy this new, more organized environment that the Girl Scouts created! On top of their contributions, they were also joyful workers and they even brought some feed for the animals! You guys were amazing and we hope to see you all again soon!

Thank you to all of our hardworking volunteers!


Our volunteers are amazing! This group alone cleaned up all of the manure build-up around our feeders, filling the manure spreader twice! Thanks to their hard work our llamas, goats, and horses can walk around clean ground and eat with ease. Thank you to them and all of our other volunteers, we appreciate all of your hard work! 

Bucky Update


Bucky was one of our loving animals here at Edwards Foundation for Rescued Animals. Although it is so sad to see him go, we know that he lived a happy, full, and loved life. He passed peacefully June 21st, 2023. As we continue to take care of our animals here, we will always have a special place in our hearts for Bucky, our friendly, happy little goat. We will miss him.

Saturday, April 8, 2023

Easter Helpers

 All the Easter bunnies helping out!!

Some more bunnies...

Making new bunny friends

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

New Llama


Welcome our new llama who came with the name Millie.  We currently have another llama named Millie and have permission to change her name.  Millie is the first llama to the left. So far, the names submitted have been Cinnamon, Sugar, Spot, Snowball, GC, Ginger, Flower and Sadie.  We have a vote this weekend for a new name.  What do you think? Come visit us to meet her!

Sunday, March 19, 2023

 This white duck was found abandoned at cherry creek state park, before adopting a new animal it is important to do proper research into the care and housing of that animal. leaving a domestic breed in the wild is almost always a death sentence. he is welcomed by our group and has a home with us, welcome Mr. Rodgers we are glad you're happy to be in be neighborhood.


Saturday, March 18, 2023

Llamas in the sun

 Roo and Millie soaking in the sun.  Are there a few spots of green peaking up in honor of St Patrick's day?

Monday, February 13, 2023

Rowdy Adopted

Volunteer Andrew helps escort Rowdy on his journey to Larkspur.
Cornelius and his wife adopted Ace a couple of years ago to be a companion for their goat.  When their goat passed they requested Rowdy come join Ace at their place.  You may remember that several years ago Ace and Rowdy were driven here from New Mexico to keep them safe.  Rowdy then had crypt-orchid surgery and recovered nicely.  We are waiting on pictures of his reunion with Ace and will update blogpost.

Friday, January 27, 2023

Willow's New Life!


Our friend Willow has found a home, and we are happy to report she's doing good! She has a new friend named Penny and hasn't been a trouble-maker! While she is still getting to know her surroundings at her new home, she LOVES her insulated goat house. We're happy to see Willow doing so good!
Here's Penny, Willows new friend!

More About AmeriCorps!


Must be the ages of 18-26 to participate in the following service job.

AmeriCorps has three types of services: Traditonal Corps which is 10 months of service or 11 months as a team leader, FEMA Corps 12 months of service, and Summer Service from June 12th, 2023 to August 9th, 2023.

Depending on which service you enroll in will depend on where you work, and what you're working on.

    Summer Service will be a hands on project to help the environment around us.

    Traditional Corps work alongside with nonprofits, state and municipal governments, tribal organizations, and faith-based groups. Traditional Corps are more hands on, and they travel to one of the four regions of the USA.

    FEMA Corps work directly with FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) for disaster preparedness and response projects. They serve in an administrative capacity, usually in an office type of setting. They travel throughout the whole states.

If you're interested in any of the following services we recommend taking a look at their website for more information: AmeriCorps