Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Endeavor Students lend many helping hands

                                         Elizabeth the Llama got to go for a walk.
                                          Cabaret the Morgan mare found two friends who gave her lots of TLC
                               Of course Mollie the Zebu cow got plenty of attention and TLC too.
 Founder John Edwards visits with the students and shares some biology and Animal Husbandry facts from his days as a Science Teacher
                                     Goldie a 30 year old quarter horse mare loved her walk
                  Some of the crew loaded the manure spreader with collected poo.
 Other students cleaned out a winter's worth of old bedding from the goat's igloos to add to the manure spreader.
                                          All aboard for a fun and maybe dirty ride??
                                                         How the stuff did fly!!!!!
                               Toby the pony stayed way back with his friends and observed! :)
Bucky the guard Llama supervised the whole operation.  He gave all the volunteers an A+++

Greystone Technology visits

 A group from Greystone visited our rescue. They cleaned the barn and fed the animals.
 Steven, one of the guys from Greystone, organized their day here at the rescue. Hey says hello to the goats,and helps walk the animals.
The horses go for a walk Thank you volunteers because the animals love to get out.  Angel the goat just one of many who love to walk. other   The horses came back to a clean level stall.  Thanks for the gravel moving :)

Monday, March 19, 2018

Alpacas Return

 The alpacas have returned from their winter foster home. They go for a walk with the other animals to meet their old friends.
 They enjoy walks and stay together so they can feel safe.
We thank Laurie for fostering our wonderful alpacas during the winter.

Snowy work day

 Today these three wonderful boys Gustav, Tanner, and Ryker helped Josh and Lynda do the mourning chores.
 They made snow angles in the freshly fallen snow.
 The animals were happy to see snow and to happy to play in it. They got fed by our amazing volunteers and these three amazing boys.
The three alpacas greet their first snow back at Edwards Animals. They came back from their foster home for the winter. We are happy to have them back and so are the other animals.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Volunteers ready willing and able :)

                                        Volunteers are such good helpers!!!!  All are ready to go.
 Stalls are clean and now Goldie, Cabaret and Angel get to go for a walk.
Next in line are the llamas, ponies and goats.  What a beautiful day for a walk
                 Bucky checks to make sure all his friends have returned.  All is well!!

Alpacas Return

 LLama LLama or Alpaca Alpaca??????  Come visit to learn how to tell the difference between Cameliades.
                                            Poden, Q and Blue going out for a walk.
Laurie gave the trio such a nice home for the winter.  We think spring is on its way.  Volunteers were really missing them.  Now Laurie is really missing them (:.  She had nick named them Big, Medium and Little :).  We are glad to have them back and very thankful Laurie gave them such nice winter accommodations.

Molly gets to walk!

                          Molly's best friends, out for a walk. Thanks, From Molly!!