Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Endeavor Students lend many helping hands

                                         Elizabeth the Llama got to go for a walk.
                                          Cabaret the Morgan mare found two friends who gave her lots of TLC
                               Of course Mollie the Zebu cow got plenty of attention and TLC too.
 Founder John Edwards visits with the students and shares some biology and Animal Husbandry facts from his days as a Science Teacher
                                     Goldie a 30 year old quarter horse mare loved her walk
                  Some of the crew loaded the manure spreader with collected poo.
 Other students cleaned out a winter's worth of old bedding from the goat's igloos to add to the manure spreader.
                                          All aboard for a fun and maybe dirty ride??
                                                         How the stuff did fly!!!!!
                               Toby the pony stayed way back with his friends and observed! :)
Bucky the guard Llama supervised the whole operation.  He gave all the volunteers an A+++

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