Thursday, April 5, 2012

Girl Scout Troop #3380 visits

These girl scouts were so safe and helped with stall cleaning and feeding. They came from Northstar Academy and had a good time helping with chores.
They all pitched in to help with the evening chores. They even brought big dog and little dog food and cat food and cat litter. We thank them for all their help. Many got llama kisses!

Rocky Mountain Horseshoeing Give trims

This is Chelsea from Rocky Mountain Horseshoeing. Sometimes you have to be a gymnast to be able to trim short legged burros! All the animals were glad to get their feet trimmed for spring.
Chelsea and Rene make a good trimming team for the minis -Hannah the burro and Toby the pony. They donated their services to help the animals. Thank You!!!!
Rene is so gentle with Toby. Wish I had pictures of him working with colt Corbin. It was so magic I forgot to take pictures! He got Corbin to stand still and be brushed without a halter--only his gentle voice and body language!
Our volunteer Diane came to help hold Goldie. Since Goldie is old and stiff, Chelsea gave her many rest times.