Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dog room make over

Thanks to carpet donations from carpet store and the hard work of Kim and Taylor the dog room got a wonderful make over. It took hours to scrub and clean. They said goodbye to all the mouse treasures and imported a new live trap mouse catcher from the barn. We all hope the mice will move into this mouse habitat for transport to the barn area. Meanwhile Toby, Reggie and Aspen are in seventh heaven in their new and very clean "village homes"! They love their new carpeting and are glad it was installed to keep them cozy for our next round of frigid temperatures. Thank you Kim, Taylor and Carpet Mill.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sandy and Dusty find a Forever home

Sandy and Dusty are welcomed to their new home by Flag. Flag lost her best sheep friend and was very sad. Kevin and Reggie were looking for two gentle female pygmy Nubians for companions to Flag. They are getting along famously. "We want to thank you ...for the two lovingly marvelous goats! Our goat Flag has been very sad since our sheep of fourteen years passed away last week. Today our little Flag has been leaping, frolicking, and gently knocking horn nubs with the two new kids. She has been a perfect and welcoming host. We are happy too! We love goats. Sandy and Dusty are exceptionally nice!" -- Kevin, Henry and Reggie. Sandy and Dusty are so nice because they were rescued as babies from a slaughter truck by a lady named Joan, who, I understand, has been invited for a visit to play with them in their new home.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

6 degrees of separation----Burr!

January and the temperature has taken a dive!!! Today the high is 6 degrees and everything is more difficult. The outdoor waterer froze and we had to carry hot water for a couple days. Then Brenda came by with two electric water buckets and a heated water element. What a help and what a warm heart. All the animals are doing well. We put all the goats in the aisleway at night. The burros and the llamas have nice warm coats and spend the night in the shelter of the barn porch.
Our biggest worry in this cold is the electrical fuse box. We have a heat lamp in the stall for the Zebus. We have a heater for the water bowl in the hen house. Each stall has a heated electric waterer. The outside water tank is also heated as is the aisleway water bucket. We added a heat lamp to Honey's stall. She had a severe colic over the Christmas break AND SURVIVED!!!! due to the expert care of two of the best vets in the state and possibly the world---Dr. Lee Mueller and Dr. Dale Rice. Anyway, to keep her healthy, we added a heated water bucket and the heat lamp to her stall. The fuses held and the electric company is grinning. When the weather warms we will be asking for help with fund raising. visit out web at if you have any ideas for us there is a contact link. Stay warm and well!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Thank goodness the Holidays are over

Tom and Mrs Turkey are sooooo happy all the holiday feasts are past----and they are not!!!!!!!