Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Renee Coltson hosts Reconnective Healing preview seminar

Renee Coltson hosted an introductory session on Reconnective Healing  This was just a preview for her class to be held here Wednesday, September 18th.  If you are interested you can get more information at 

Renee giving background information and references to Dr. Eric Pearl.

 Students interact with the animals.
For more information on this entire body of work go to or contact Renee. 

Pancake training

 We were lucky enough to have help from a famous goat trainer, Elder Natter.  Our goat Pancake had developed some peculiar ways of greeting volunteers and scratching her very itchy head and horns.  She intimidated many!!!!  Elder Natter started by treating her as a goat and walking her to pasture to graze.
 Next he and Sarah started teaching her tricks.
Then he taught her to climb stairs making it easier to trim her toes.  Good work!

Volunteer Callie hosts youth service group

 Callie and friends take animals to pasture to graze
 Successful trip to graze means same number of people and animals returning!
Grazing includes tree trimming!

Fischers host end of summer BBQ for volunteers

This was our second annual Volunteer Appreciation BBQ hosted by Bruce and Paula.  There was swimming in their salt water pool, panoramic views, table games, and of course great food.  Elders and Sisters from a service program called Just Serve from the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints were able to attend. Elders  Potter, Harley and Johnson stopped by but were not dressed in their work clothes!

Host, Bruce, did a fabulous job grilling burgers and dogs

 Elders Goldade, Potts,and Escudero, also not dressed in their "farm" clothes.
 Wonderful volunteers Tom, Rob, Diane, and Jessica visit with Sister Green.
Nice to have such a wonderful and relaxing time and a chance to visit with Sister Green, elder Potter, Elder Goldade, Elder Burton; Sister Havea, and Elder Smith.
Elders Johnson and Gallegos help with the grand finale of cold watermelon.  Great time Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers who helped us so much!!!!

 Elders Smith and Potts. chit chat with hostess Paula. 

Care and Community Volunteers

These hard workers have been coming around to help us for more than two years.T
 Jeremy is our number on lawn mower.  He enjoys a snack after all his hard work.
 David says all is good after he has helped take care of the animals.
 Chance takes time away from his King Soopers job to help us out on Tuesdays.
 Dan enjoys a snack after his hard work filling water buckets.
 Lisa is an all around helper.  She is a good help with the horses.  She is also trying to find a good home for a beautiful grey tabby neutered male cat she is fostering.  She is a good care giver.
Here is the crew after a morning of helping Edwards Foundation and all are still smiling.  Mike in the middle has the biggest grin of all as he is pleased to supervise such a good group of willing workers from Care and Community.  Thank you all.