Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Chihuahua marathon.

We got a request from a lovely lady in Pueblo who had seen the article about us in the Denver Post "Colorado Kids" section November 22nd. She had rescued 12 Chihuahua mix dogs and needed to place them before the animal control took them to the pound. LaDean was afraid they would be "adopted" for bait dogs. Some people throw small dogs to pit bulls to create a fighting frenzy. OMG!!!!!
She and her daughter brought 9 of these dogs to us and they were welcomed into loving forever homes.
Knieshia took Butterscotch and Cocoa to be part of their family.
Kirstin and Dawson picked Chocolate'

Barbara and her husband took both Romeo and Bear into their family
We have four left to be placed. This is Fudge. He is a six year old male
Here are Jada Faith, Cacahuete and Lovie. All are loves! Come visit them.

Tom under saddle!

Tom came from Crested Butte. He was one of the 50 starved horses bound for the slaughter in Mexico. We choose him for his beautiful mind and his crooked leg.He is so gentle that our volunteers were able to put a saddle on him and lead him around with only sweet talk! Gregg, Jayna, and Kiley are the sweet talkers~~!
All in a morning's work here at Edwards Animals. Win-Win every day.

Hope gets a Forever home!

Joan came to say congratulations to Stacy for offering a Forever Home to Hope. You may remember it was Joan and Dr Mueller who worked so hard to get Oreo healthy enough to give life to her legacy foal Hope.

Pumpkin brigade

Tagawa's Garden Center was soooo good to us again this year. They gave us pumpkins.
How did we get them loaded into the truck?????
We set up a ramp and played bowling with pumpkins!!!!!
The animals were sooo happy to get delicious pumpkins to supplement their diets., Thank you Tagawa's

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Forever homes for Dusty, Jezebel, and Jasmine

Andrea, Larry, Larry's sister, and Diane came to help get the llamas and Dusty to their new home. They helped brush, clean, and wish them good luck with their new family. When they got there Dusty meet up with their pony snowball. All the animals will now have a tons of property with a great view, for resting on a nice day. Everyone here at Edwards Animals is wishing them luck and happiness at their new forever home.

Play Date

Roxanne (one of our wonderful volunteers) brought her newly adopted greyhound to a play date with Sammie while she did barn chores. Alec is such a gentlemen and was very gentle with Sam. They are now great friends.
Greyhounds make greyt pets! Visit to see all the wonderful greyhounds that they have up for adoption.

Troop 334 came for a visit

Goldie gets a hug from Jayna.
Diane and Kaelynn take Jezebel and Josie for a walk.
Dealer and Marya take a stroll and do an obstacle course.
Toby and Alyssa show off for the judges.
Isabella and Dusty answer judges questions. about animal husbandry
Alec (a visitor dog) and all the girls from troop 334 loved working with all the animals, and the animals loved the attention from them. Every one earned blue ribbons!!!!! Hope they will come back soon. (Jayna did come back even when the temperature was 0!!!

Zebus came back for the winter

Chuck and Molly are back from Terolyn farms so they can have some time with us and stay warm under the heat lamps in their stall. Look at that big hump on Chuck's back he really has good fat storage for the winter.

Community Care helps Edwards Animals

Edwin is very good at clean stalls and helping around the barn.
Jeremy made sure that all animals had fresh clean water.
Chance had a great time feeding the animals.
The whole crew had an awesome time coming and helping clean and feed the animals. Everyone at Edwards Animals want to thank Mike for bringing them to help.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sam the cat has forever home!!!

Sammie, the black and white tuxedo cat was adopted to a very wonderful
home on Saturday, November 19th 2011. He now lives with Jill and her two kids. Thank you Jill for giving Sammie a home. Her previous owner has Alzheimer's and had to move into assisted living and could no longer care for him. I know she deeply appreciates that he now has a nice safe
home. Sammie is so gentle and loving, in January 2012 he will be 5 years old. He loves other cats and dogs and loves to be brushed and is very talkative. He is a gentle old soul. We love him. Thanks again.