Saturday, May 31, 2014

New residents Stormy and Bandit

 Stormy is a mini and Bandit is a pygmy- fainting-angora?goat.  They are best friends.  Their mother was very sad that she had to find a new home for her little boys.  They will have many new friends here.  Nathan and Millie the llamas greet first.  Dealer of course has his nose in their greetings.  Lamborghini the sheep is heading over to say hi.
                                         Goldie comes by to say hello to the two new boys.

                  Volunteers Grace, Selena and Kellen take Stormy and Toby for a walk.
This is the wonderful crew of greeters and helpers who came to give Smokey and Bandit a royal welcome and also to wish Grace a Happy Birthday.  Not many young ladies would choose to spend their birthday cleaning stalls and brushing animals.  There is Mike, Grace, Stephen, Mike, Roxanne, Laura, Matthew, Ken, Selena, Kellen, and Jennifer.  What a wonderful greeting the two new boys got!!  What a wonderful crew of volunteers we have.  We could not do this without them!!!!!!!

Visit from Joan to see who her monthly donation helps to feed.

 This wonderful lady, Joan, taught school with John Edwards several years ago.  What a wonderful "Blast from the Past" when she got to come for a visit and meet the rescued animals.  Goldie really loves the treats she brought.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Looks Can Be Deceiving

These two girls, Nani and Tuli look pregnant. Nope! It's just all the green grass that has come up after the spring rains. Could've fooled us! Come out and take them for a walk so they can have a little exercise.

Gardeners on the Frontier

Care and Community helpers are working hard to get the garden area ready to plant. Once there is a break from the hail and rains, they will be able to plant in the beds.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Teamwork saves Toby the pony!!!!!

Tyler Skiba generously paid Toby a visit from Fluorescent, CO. He trimmed his hooves that were deformed due to founder. He specializes in helping horses with this injury. Toby's founder was caused by an excess of sugar, spring grass, and protein in his diet. Toby is now on a strict diet of soaked hay.

 Dr. Dale Rice consults with his team and Tyler on treatment options for Toby.
This is Dr. Shannon Reed, part of Dr. Rice's team, alongside Tyler, discussing treatment options for Toby.

Kim Frye, a vet tech, part of Dr. Rice's team, standing Toby on an X-ray plate to see how much damage has been done to the foot structure.

Dr. Reed examines the degree of rotation to the coffin bone in order to evaluate the amount of damage. This team uses state of the art X-ray equipment that eliminates wait time and allows them to begin treatment immediately.

This X-ray shows minimal rotation and makes us all optimistic that Toby will be able to regain soundness. Everybody gave a cheer!

To contact the team, you may reach Dr. Dale Rice at Three Peaks Veterinary

Dr. Shannon Reed may be reached at

Tyler Skiba, Farrier Service, may be reached at 303-842-2629

Thank you to everyone that offered their services to the foundation to help Toby!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Campus Service Project

Alyea organized a service project for an assignment in their language arts class. Hannah, Faith, Juli, Stephanie, and Melanie joined in to walk the animals and help clean up their stalls together. The animals loved them and we hope they come back for another visit. They had a great time. 

Donations to new scout troop

Daniel came around to collect camping supplies to help start a new scout troop in La Veta. He is working with his dad and other scout leaders to establish this troop in southern Colorado.

Lambo and the lambs

Sheep sharing time at the Terry farm. It is also lambing season. We were greeted by day old lambs and newborns. Lamborgini was so glad to get rid of his winter fur. We thank Debby Terry for arranging this community sheer.

Rusted Tools

Look what we found in the field. Do you suppose these tools got up and walked out into the field and laid down by themselves?? Guess we will get out the naval jelly and steel wool.

Visit from Eaglecrest students

End of summer treat for these wonderful students from Eaglecrest High School. They held their annual visit and bbq here at Edwards Foundation. Ms. Ramey and Mr. Gladboch arranged for this end of year outing. Chris was in charge of the bbq, the food was good and the brownies were delicious, and the weather was outstanding.