Friday, August 28, 2015

Gambler arrives to Edwards Foundation

 Toby gives him a welcome
 He checks out the pasture.
Her and Dealer get acquainted over snacks.  Volunteer Tony and goat Nani check for more snacks under the feeder.
Come welcome Gambler to his new home.  He was so excited to see his name on his stall.  Thank you girls from Troop 2797.

Girl scout troop 2797

 The woman power of the girls in troop 2797 spent 2 days working on they're projects.
at previous meetings they had built and painted homes for mason bees.  on this weekend they completed the rest of their projects, here they show the goat Nani the rebuilt pancake pen.

 Here they test out the strengths of the rebuilt floor in our hay feeders.
 They painted this wall and hung plaques in loving memory of animals and volunteer's who have been here and gone on to greener pastures.  they power washed the walls and the floors so they are clean enough to sit on and lay on.
 They cleaned the stalls and bought new and designed new name tags.
 They power washed and repainted the chicken house and had time to give the chickens special attention.
They ordered a truck full of gravel which they spread in the chicken and duck run and again had time to give fowl TLC. What a wonderful work day, we appreciate them helping us so much, the animals say come again because we love the attention!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Volunteers at work :

 Ladies scoop poop! :)
 Men from New York scoop poop! :)
 Men pile up poop! :)
 Pancake supervises volunteers :)
Volunteers give goats manicures! :)  Lots of need for volunteers to help.  Sunday is a wonderful work day for adults.  Saturdays most of our teenagers come to help and also to fulfill high school community service requirements.  We could not do this with out all of you.  Thank You !!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Donations !!!!

 Pancake and John welcome Mike and his big truck loaded with wonderful donation of hay, horse and goat treats, and dog food. what a wonderful surprise!!!
Mike and his son, little Mike, and daughter, Skylar, rest up after helping unload all their wonderful, helpful donations. Sklyar even found an egg for breakfast!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Yucca Yucca and thistles everywhere

 Cameron meets some of the Terolyn residents.  This is where the rescued horses go for training
 Volunteer Cameron digs yuccas while the locals supervise.

Volunteer Tony clears thistles at Alvarado.  Plenty of work everywhere for Edwards Foundation.
We love our volunteer and could not do this without all our wonderful helpers.

Friday, August 14, 2015

These wonderful vets; Elise Christensen, Ariel Fagen and are working on a behavior modification plan for Pancake.  :)  They are using a clicker model targeting improved behavior for this famous goat.  We have also consulted with Dr. Dale Rice to make sure her aggressive behavior is NOT due to pain.  She has an all clear health check.  Only pain is from altercations with volunteers and the pain is to the volunteers :)  We are learning to use clickers and practicing on Sammy and Chip.  Come around and help us with this.

Meet and Greet at Animals Rock in Castle Rock

 Callie and Grace help get Bucky ready for his big adventure at out Meet and Greet at Jill Steele's Animals Rock.  Jill prepared snacks for the visitors.
 Lynda talked to the visitors about Bucky our Pygmy goat.
 Bucky does his part in making the visitors feel welcome.
Freckles, our very social rooster, entertains visitors.  He is new to our flock and very friendly.

Rescue horses up date Drey and Ava

 Filly Drey is strong and healthy.  She loves to eat.  We need help to work with this lucky mare and her foal.
 Most of the work involves lots of TLC.  Ryann is a good giver of this special attention.

Wonderful donation

Carol and Greg made a wonderful donation of their Chicken Tractor.  Volunteer Mike helps to get it delivered.  We will be able to sell this custom chicken palace to help with the bills incurred from the feedlot rescue operation.  If you chickens come see this Parade of Homes coop!

Farrier Aaron gives Gambler a much needed trim

Volunteer Joan came out to hold Gambler for his first trim since being rescued and adopted by Edwards Animals.
 Gambler was a perfect gentleman.
It had been a long time since Gambler had any hoof care.  We thank you Aaron for doing such good and gentle work.

Gambler is doing great

 Volunteer Laurie helps to tack up Gambler for a training ride.  He is out of quarantine and loves visitors.
Gambler and Teri from Terolyn Training and the fifth ride.  He is going very nicely and learning to neck rein.  He has also learned turns on the fore.

Visitors from Germany

 Fabian and Sandra stopped by to visit with Nani and Tuli, the two boar goats they placed here when they returned to Germany and were unable to take them.  They came back to visit when they returned to Alamogordo to be wed.  The goats remembered them and were glad of their special attention.
Elizabeth came over to also get some special attention.  We all send special wishes and congratulations to this wonderful couple who support us and take time to visit.  Safe travels!!