Wednesday, March 20, 2019

First day of spring

 Eddie the goat is enjoying to warm spring sun. He is now able to walk. Two years ago he was unable to walk, but now he enjoys going on walks. Our Wonderful volunteer has been trimming Eddie's feet and Eddie can now walk.

 Our horse Dealer has returned to the farm. Dealer has cancer in his eyes and is getting treatment.
Toby the mini horse has had terrible problems in his feet. But in the last few days, he has started running for the first time in a few months. We are so happy that our mini is doing so good.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Dr. Dunbar helps out the farm

 Dr. Dunbar came to float Stormy's teeth and checked Goldie's teeth. She x-rayed Toby's legs to see why he is crippled.
She and her assistant even had enough time to see the llamas.

Littleton vet Dr. Dunbar visits Goldie

 Dr. Dunbar and her assistant Loren came to float Goldie's teeth. Goldie is 32 years old and her teeth needed ground down.
 Teeth mostly done.
In her examination, Dr. Dunbar found an abscess that needed to be cleaned and packed. She is doing well and everything is going good.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Harley becomes a teenager!!

                                                             Happy Birthday Dear Harley!!!
                                   Volunteers gathered to celebrate her special day.
                           Harley is ready with a big, sharp, knife!  She is a pro with a knife :)
                                                   Candles out and ready to celebrate!!


Thanks to Patty for arranging a work day for some of the staff at Travel Port!
 Mark oiled all hinges & sliders! Now we have to be careful because everything moves smoothly and without squeaks. So all the animals were able to stay behind closed doors during the Bomb Cyclone!
 Daniel and crew helped fluff all the beds and stalls with new shavings and fluffy straw.  Fast Eddies gets special attention while Ziggy waits his turn.  Thank you Daniel!

Not only is Jason getting lots of attention from Ziggy, he installed solar lights and replaced tile in the sun room!
Patty scrubs the water trough!
 This wonderful team helped feed all the animals!
                                              Lumberjack Daniel trims some of the trees.
Horse-whisperer Mark helps with Chemo treatment for Dealer.  Dealer just returned from check up at CSU veterinary clinic.  He had eye surgery last week of December to remove tumors from both eyes.
The whole crew bids a fond farewell and Elizabeth & Nathan say Please come back soon!
Thank you Patty, Jason, Daniel & Mark!!!!!!


 After spending a night in the barn during the blizzard, they decided to get breakfast in bed!
 These little goats spent the night in their specially made igloos and stayed warm!  They received breakfast in bed too!
 These cuties play King of the Mountain on the snow drifts!
 All is well on the Western Front!
We could not do this without our volunteers, Thank you Jackson!