Sunday, January 31, 2016

Bit of Class has a work day at Edwards Foundation

The truck and spreader got stuck, so the group had to sit in the truck to try and weight it down enough so it could get unstuck. 

Took the animals for a walk!

Juliana and Toby enjoying the walk.

The leaders getting the tractor to work.

Sue enjoying driving the tractor.

Stormy enjoying being brushed.

Stormy and Maddy

Cleaning the runs.

Caring for the chickens.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Old Age Takes Jessica

One of our fun loving and energetic llamas, Jessica, passed away just after the New Year. She will be missed by the other companions in the barn and the volunteers alike. A 20 year veteran of the Foundation, Jessica has spent her best years here on the barn as she was adopted out and brought back after 5 years of spending time with a wonderful family that had to move away. Things are going to be different however it will be easy to cope with knowing that she lived a long and love filled life! Here is a great photo to remember her by! Many memories have been made and shared along the way.

Gambler the Palomino Adopted

The wonderful twins, Olivia and Carmen brought home the newest addition to their family, Gambler, the Palomino Horse! The other animals are going to miss him but we know that Gambler is going to be in a very loving home with his new owners. Olivia and Carmen bonded with Gambler instantly and it was a sure fit! We hope to hear back from them and to see pictures of Gambler enjoying his new home with Olivia and Carmen and their other companions. Thanks again and enjoy the New Year with your new friend!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Wonderful new start for Terolyn Horse Rescue

Teri Allen has started a non-profit called Terolyn Horse Rescue. Inc.  She has spent years rescuing horses, rehabilitating them, and then finding forever caring homes.  She also works with the Morgan SafeNet.  She has been such a help to us.  We wish her much success and this is such a good way to start the new year.
This is her first post, a song dedicated to her rescued horses and called For the Love of Reins.

We would like to say a HUGE thank you to Kevin Holmboe for creating this beautiful video showcasing the horses we've rescued. Please like it and share it everywhere! To donate to our rescue via PayPal, use our account at ‪#‎ForTheHorses‬

Dedicated to the wonderful people and my friends at Terolyn Training and their rescue mission.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Giving Tree Donation!

       I want to thank Dover Saddlery for their amazing donation! We are so grateful! It means the world that their such generous people willing to help our cause!

Volunteers Grace and Riley accept these wonderful gifts from Brooke.
Volunteers Callie and Roxanne help sort all the donations.  We are so pleased with the rubber bowls as they do not freeze or crack in this cold winter.  Also we were given a furminator shedding rake which will be so helpful with our Shetland Stormy as he grows a BIG coat.  We will also put to good use the vet cremes and salves as we are helping with three rescued horses that came in last night.  Two geldings and a beat up old mare.  She will need lots of TLC.  Watch for more updates or check Terolyn Training Rescue Inc.  Come visit and help to pass our some horse cookies to all.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Asher lost to colic in spite of great effort by the veterinary team at CSU

We are heartbroken to announce that we lost one of our recent rescue horses, Asher, to colic a couple days ago. However, we're happy that he could spend the last few months of his life with us where he was loved and cared for. We incurred a large bill for veterinary services trying to save his life, and could use some help covering that final expense. Any donations would be appreciated. To donate via PayPal, please use Thank you to everyone for your support.