Thursday, November 22, 2012

Max revisits his Eagle Project

Max shows where he left his scout mark in the cement of the feed room floor.  This job took many hours of hard work in the heat and dust of the barn.  The 4 yards of cement had to be rolled into the barn one wheelbarrow at a time!  His troop members were working right there with him.  Cement on the feed-room floor saved the Edwards Foundation almost $100 a month.  Moisture could seep into the dirt and cause the hay to spoil.  The mice had freeway tunnels to the grain storage and helped themselves to an endless supply of oats.  No more!  Thank you Max!
 Family and friends come out to see the proof of all that planning and hard work.  For a second project, Max built a bi-level feeder with trays.  This allows all sizes of animals to feed at the same time and the tray prevents waste of food.  As you can see the animals love their deluxe feeder.
 Max and his brother demonstrate that this feeder is built to last.  When Chuck the Zebu tried to polish his horns on a corner post, it did not move even an inch!  When we want to move it it separates into two parts with the removal of a couple of bolts.
Max received scouting's most prestigious award- the Eagle Badge.  Statistics show that only 2 out of 100 scouts are able to achieve this rank.  After Troop 127's Eagle Scout Court of Honor,  Max's friends and family came to visit to see the proof of all his hard work.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Treats from Daisy Scout Troop 1706

Ellie and Zoe present Amber with stuffed apple animal treats made by their scout group.
The Edwards Animals received special treats of apples stuffed with carrots, oats and molasses   They also brought rice cakes "frosted with peanut butter and molasses.  Even the sugar gliders enjoyed this treat.  Of course the horses, burros, cows and goats loved their treats.  Thank you Daisy Scouts!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Edward's Foundation Approved for S.F.C. Funds

Edward's Foundation has been accepted into the charity campaign through the federal government. This means that for the month of November federal employees can choose a charity to support. Our charity code is 34246. Please consider us. Thank you.

Midnight in Paradise

Paula welcomes Midnight with open arms. Amber (located in the bunny cage) helps setting up her new home.

The Animals do Halloween and Pine Lane.

Jillian, a student at Pine Lane Elementary invited some of the Edward's Animals to come to her school's Trunk-or-Treat carnival. While Jillian passed out treats, Buckey(left) dressed like an angle,Toby(top) dressed like a devil, and buttons(right) entertained the children.

Tagawa's Garden Donation of Pumpkins.

All the animals love their special pumpkin treat. They all say, "thank you Tagawa!"

Opal Finds A Forever Home.

A perfect home for Opal was meant to be. We got a call from Tagawa's Gardens Center, Michelle, who offered pumpkins for animal treats. Michelle and her husband Jack had just lost a beloved cat and companion. They fell in love with opal immediately and the attraction was mutual. we are so glad that Opal found such a loving forever home.

Dr. Barton Visits Edwards Animals

Dr.Barton from Integrated Wellness Group paid a visit to the Edward's Foundation. He adjusted Coco the little female goat that survived the Hay-man Fire but had a shoulder injury. Dr. Barton helped her so she could put weight on her injured limb. Next he worked with Goldie to open up her SI joint, re-aligned her ribs, and even up her poll joints. Last but not least, he was able to help re-align Reggie's spine from an injury that caused trauma to the nerves of his back leg. Thank you Dr. Barton!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Autumn work crew

What a good work crew showed up to help !!!!!
The Edwards Foundation had a super wonderful crew show up Saturday to help us get a hay donation loaded on a flat bed and then off loaded into the feed room.  The donation came from Jack Muse and Pegasus  Morgans.  No time to rest we were off to Tagawa's Garden Center to pick up two truck loads of donated pumpkins.  All the animals love a special treat of a pumpkin.  We were not done yet-- we were off to Terolyn Training Center to pick up a truckload of grain.  Thank you Diane and her husband Rob who stayed behind to run the crew who stayed here to scoop poop and clean stalls.  By the end of the day we were happy to have help from Diane and Amanda to pick up Lamborgini our sheep from Flat Acres Farm where he had been part of a fall harvest petting zoo.  Whew what a work day!  We are all glad that today is Spring forward, fall back to a time change so we all got an HOUR EXTRA of rest!