Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Visit to Alpacas

 Josh and Grace, two of our volunteers, went to see the three alpacas in their foster home for the winter. They are doing very good and they have a wonderful home away from home. Josh feeds the alpacas grain to keep them socialized and used to people.
The alpacas greet the first snow with a warm home and great friends.

Another work day

 We start the day with scooping straw into the goat huts.
 We give the animals their meds.
 We clean the barn and the stalls.
 We take the animals for a walk. Jalee takes Bucky for a walk.
Stormy gets a walk.
Thank you Grace, Josh, Jalee and the other volunteers for helping us out on Saturday. Honey the goat says thank you to Parker Core Knowledge who came out and helped us with the mourning chores.

Celebration for Leah

We had a wonderful celebration for Leah with cake and ice cream. We celebrated Leah's generous donations totaling over 1,000 dollars!!! Leah makes jewelry and sells it on Facebook. All of the money she raises, goes to the Edwards Foundation to help out with food and medical funds. We awarded Leah with this certificate and this ribbon. You can visit her website on Facebook by searching Leah's Fashion Furward.

Monday, November 13, 2017


Our volunteer Josh gave a wonderful tour to a lovely group. Julie, Jessica, Kathrine, Dave, Sarenna, and Kristen met the animals and checked up on the two silky roosters they brought us. They gave a generous donation and loved on the animals. We love it when people come out for a tour and to help out with chores.

Tacking the Horses for a walk

 Before the walk, we must clean out the horse's hooves. Josh and Colin clean out Toby's hooves before his walk.
 The horses stop along the way to grab a bite to eat.
 Stormy gets a walk by a wonderful girl from Thunder Ridge.
 Andy gets a walk by Alexis.
 Toby gets a walk by Colin.
Goldy gets a walk by Leah and a wonderful girl from Thunder Ridge. We thank everyone who came out to help us with the horses. They enjoyed the walk and the extra attention. With hooves clean and after they went on the walk, they head home.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Alpacas placed in foster home for the winter

Poden, Blue, and Q were placed in foster care at Lori's house for the winter. Lori has two rescued horses and a old goat that was rescued from the Hayden fire many years ago. Lori has a nice big barn with separate indoor stall and runs. Leah, Grace, and Josh helped get them in their new temporary home.
 Alpacas get loaded up into a nice clean trailer.
 Q is happy to get to go to such a nice place for the winter.
They get put into their new stall for the winter. Josh, Grace, and Leah take the halters off of the alpacas. 
The three alpacas enjoy their new home, and all the weeds they get to eat.

Dealer's Eye

We were able to haul Dealer to Terolyn Horse Rescue and join in Dr. Dale Rice's farm visit. He did different x-rays, shots, examinations, and whatever else was needed. Dr. Rice examines the x-rays while Terri Allen, the owner of Terolyn and Shawna stand by to help.
Dealer has a discoloration in his eye due to his past history of eye cancer. It was important to get it checked.
Shawna vet tech Terrylyn dye the eye surface.
They use a black out tent to check out his eye.
He had all his equipment to do  multi examinations on the other rescues. Good news, it's not cancer, only a small injury that should heal with daily medication. We are all so glad. Dealer will be staying at Terolyn and taken care of by Ryann Allen.

New ducks

We got two new ducks here at the rescue. One is a Pomeranian named Cookies, and the other is a Rouen named Poseidon. Mara has formed a animal helping club. She goes to a lake to capture pet ducks that were dumped there. She knows they won't survive the winter so she places them here so they can have a great life. These last two were happy to join the 10 others. Thanks to here and her dad, the ducks got a cleaned out duck pond.

Animal Walk

 Aubrey's birthday was this past Saturday. Our volunteer Kevin gave the tour to her family. She helps greet our new horse Andi. Bucky the llama prepares for the walk.
She holds Millie in preparation on her walk.
 Leah helps take the alpacas for a walk.
 The alpacas and llamas enjoy the walk.
The animals are on their way back to the farm. They enjoy walks and the extra attention.

New horse from Terolyn Horse Rescue

We got a new horse from Terolyn Horse Rescue. Her name is Andi. This beautiful mare was relinquished to Terolyn Horse Rescue. She is now with us and these two palomino mares have bonded well. They both love all the attention and love our volunteers give them.
 She gets along with the llamas,
 Molly the Zebu,
and the goats.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Pumpkin Donation

 Michelle, and two of here able bodied helpers, and Elder Fields, and Elder Merril helped to load pumpkins donated to us by Tagawa Garden.
 The two Elders were very helpful to us and we appreciate them coming around.
The pumpkins arrived and they unloaded them for us.

Thank you Volunteer Russell

Thank you volunteer Russell for all your help and for organizing all of our tools.