Sunday, May 12, 2013

Fund raiser Tree Project

Our major fund raiser this year is tree planting.  Here Jamie and Diane consult with pony Toby about best location for trees.  Toll Brothers sent 40 volunteers out to help get more than 60 trees in the ground.  If you would like to sponsor a tree we have $50 and $200 trees and we will create a marker in memory of a special friend to go at the base of the tree.  If you would like to help all the trees can use TLC after care.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Help from Canada

This is Elder Qwilliam.  He is on his mission from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  He and Elder Erickson came to donate some service time to us.  These missionaries usually only come in blizzard weather.  This time it was soggy mud!
Here comes Lamborghini to help Elder Qwilliam in his efforts to reinforce our berm.
 A big OK from Lamborghini and and a big thank you for a job well done.  Bring on the rain!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sierra Middle School visits

It was Amber's birthday!  Everyone sang and gave her a funny card!  Amber baked colorful cupcakes for everyone.
Justin won an award for his encounter with Pancake!
Miss Diane gave everyone a "fowl" tour.  Lizzy holds Henreitta Hen.
The class presented The Edwards Foundation with a generoius gift card to Murdock's Farm and Ranch Supply.  We can really use that.  We can buy more treats for the little goats.
Neither rain nor mud detered these brave students from visiting with the animals.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Grandview High School donation

We were so fortunate receive a large donation from Ms. Linda's ILC Vocational class. They raised money creating necklaces to donate to the Edwards Foundation.

Digging Holes for the trees!

It was so great to have this special group of people come out and help us dig holes for the spring tree planting event. The Edwards Foundation wants to individually thank Callie, Sydney, Elizabeth, Mitch, Bethany and Cheryl for all the hard work that they put in prepping the holes.

Greg Ertel's memorial tree

Many Volunteers came around to bid a fond farewell to a great volunteer and friend to the Edwards Foundation. Greg will be missed.

Spring Tree Planting

The Toll Brothers brought with them 40 people to help us here at the Edwards Foundation for our Spring planting event. We were so happy to have them come and help us out. Here are a few of the pictures we took of the hard work that everyone put in.
Cliff from Harrison Nurseries works with volunteers from the Toll Brothers to get the holes ready for our trees.
New trees need top soil so the Toll Brothers helped us hauled us in.

The trees are delivered!
Planting the trees and laying the drip line.

Now before it was all said and done some of the volunteers from the Toll Brothers helped us in our own personal version of the Iron Man tire toss. The Edwards Foundation's Iron Man hay bale toss was a success. The men were able to get the bale all the way up into the barn!
Ready, Set....flip!

The finalists in the Edwards Iron Man!

Trees planted. Tolls Brother crew made it look easy, but it was a lot of hard work, sweat and mud.
 We would like to thank the Toll Brothers and their youth supervisors for their time and effort in our spring planting event.
Group Shot

The youth supervisors


Thanks to a generous donation from Domino's pizza in Parker, Graham and Dani had fresh hot pizza ready for the tired Toll Brothers work crew.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sam pup

                                                   Wow this little pup has really grown. 
                                                 Come say hi and see how he greets you.