Sunday, January 29, 2012

Red heads in tune--- Corbin and Felicia

This is Corbin and Felicia. In spite of senior pressures and getting ready for the musical, "The WIZ" at Douglas County High School, Felicia has been dedicated to working with Corbin. She has done a great job. When Corbin first arrived, no one could get near him, he spooked at everything, and he bolted when moving from point A to B. Even in bad weather Felicia came after school to work with him. He now comes up to people and can be led. Next we will work on feet so he can get his hooves trimmed. He has come a long way and he is so joyful to be able to run and play at liberty with the others.

Ashlee, a senior from Legend, also helped to get Corbin used to being handled.
On a wonderful day in January that felt like Spring, we had a great turn out of volunteers. The Douglas County High School crew took time out from preparing for The Wiz, and all of the volunteers were just wonderful! Hopefully Spring is on its way!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Corbin's First Day out

Corbin is a coming two year old colt. He was one of the ones rescued from Crested Butte from the heard that was bound for slaughter in Mexico. Today Teri came and helped get him wormed. Dr. Rice had checked his manure and discovered he had intestinal "friends". Corbin loved being out and about. He has a beautiful trot --head held high and tail streaming behind like a flag. He spent a good deal of time racing around with Toby while Dealer and Goldie looked on from an adjacent pasture.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Angry birds

Here at the Edwards Foundation the wild birds maraud into the barn and eat at least $100 worth of chicken feed each month. The volunteers hung left over Christmas Tinsel in the stall doorways. The birds send a scout to investigate while the rest of the flock sat on surrounding telephone wires. When they did not get the 'all clear' from the scout, they became very angry and swarmed down into the tree in our backyard to protest. They were angry birds. Hopefully we'll save $100 this month!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Brownie Troop #3831 visits

Leaders Heather and Francie brought the Brownies from Troop #3831 for a visit and to help with feeding. Molly greets them.
Got help with feeding. Many girls went home with extra hay on their coats and in their hair.
Lamborgini says "Thanks for the hand feeding".
Goats came to help too.
Everyone had a great time even though there was lots of mud due to the snow melt. Two girls took home samples of the mud when they slid in it!
Everyone had a great smile when they met Lovie the little dog that will need knee surgery.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bucky arrives at Edwards

This is Bucky, a pygmy goat, that lost his companion goat. He was looking for friendship in all the wrong places and kept getting out of his pasture and running with the deer. This was not safe for him, so his owners, Cade and Dylan brought him here where he will have friends his size and not be so anxious to roam.
Dan and Christian, wonderful volunteers agreed to stay to help welcome Bucky. While waiting for the new arrival Christian chilled with Fudgie.

Mountain Ridge Honor Society

Amy, Christian, Clare and Divya from Mountain Ridge Middle School Honor Society came to help with chores. They fed the animals, loved on the animals and played with Pancake.

Chick-Fille-A / Pine Lane Elementary Fund raiser

This is Caleb and he is not really lying down. This blogger just doesn't know how to rotate a picture. Caleb is on the student council at Pine Lane Elementary. When he learned about the horse Dealer who needed eye surgery for squamous cell carcinoma, he decided to work with his school to help raise funds for us. Pine Lane had a night out at Chick-Fill-A and dedicated the money from the spinning wheel to our foundation. There was a great turn out! The PTO moms helped welcome, serve and clean tables. Even the principal was there to greet all. What a great night and we were honored they would help out the Edwards Foundation. Thank You to all who help to make this night so successful.

Wonderful volunteer celebrates Birthday

One of our wonderful volunteers celebrated her birthday here. . Such dedication! Diane, Jessica, Ashlee and Austin were here to help celebrate. She is also a proud owner of a rescued greyhound.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dover's Saddlery's Gifts

2011 was a good year for Dover's Saddlery because they opened a Store in Parker. It was also a good year because Mona organized a giving Tree. It was also a good year because our volunteer Diane put requests for supplies for us on the tree. It was also a good thing for us because we got many needed supplies. Mona presents the gifts to Edwards volunteers Jill and Lynda. Thanks to everyone who thought of us.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lovie needs a home and knee surgery

This is Lovie. She was born 7/18/2007. She has had her Rabies and Distemper / Parvo shots. Dr. Rice did her spay yesterday and she is making a fine recovery. In her evaluation for surgery it was discovered she has a "blown" knee on left hind leg. This is a very expensive surgery and we are asking for help in getting fund raising ideas for this. We are also asking help from her previous owner LaDean. Look at past blogs to see that we were able to place 8/9 of these dear little dogs. We hope to get some kind donations for this little girl's operation.

Big Bird --T REX

They say that the dinosaurs were the ancestors to our birds. T-Rex was a very big bird. Thanks to The Denver Museum of Nature and Science and Platt Park Art Reach, Diane, the Edwards Foundation's fowl director was able to take a break from her volunteering time to safely lead Carolann and Lynda on a tour and exhibit of this REALLY big prototype!