Sunday, January 29, 2012

Red heads in tune--- Corbin and Felicia

This is Corbin and Felicia. In spite of senior pressures and getting ready for the musical, "The WIZ" at Douglas County High School, Felicia has been dedicated to working with Corbin. She has done a great job. When Corbin first arrived, no one could get near him, he spooked at everything, and he bolted when moving from point A to B. Even in bad weather Felicia came after school to work with him. He now comes up to people and can be led. Next we will work on feet so he can get his hooves trimmed. He has come a long way and he is so joyful to be able to run and play at liberty with the others.

Ashlee, a senior from Legend, also helped to get Corbin used to being handled.

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