Wednesday, February 27, 2013

In memory of Greg--He will be missed

Greg helping with hay.  All we had to do was call and he would be here!
 A memorial service, organized by his kids, Nick, Alexandra, and Ian and his fiancee Linda was held at the Pradera Clubhouse.  His family and fiance requested donations be made to the Edwards Foundation.  A tribute to Greg said some of his favorite things were kids, animals and a love of the outdoors.
After the service friends sat at tables with buoquets of flowers and beautiful orchids and, in this case, a sign of positive sayings.
Here is the famous guard goat--Pancake!
Greg was a positive , hardworking volunteer here at the Edwards Foundation.  He was always willing to help unload hay, he always had a kind word and lots of encouragement for the teenage volunteers, and he especially loved "visiting" with Pancake.  He will be missed by all of us ---Animals included. 

               In his honor and thanks to the generous donations made by his many friends we will plant two 5 foot tall Juniper trees in the spring for a shade and windbreak for the animals.  We will also have a plaque in memory of him.  And lastly, we will be able to buy some hay for the animals.  He will be missed!
    The date of his tree plantings is the first weekend in May. Come join us to honor his memory during the tree planting. A special plaque will be made to accompany the trees.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Freckles First Days!

We just added a new buddy to our ranks here at the Edwards Foundation, Freckles!
Freckles is already making good friends with Toby! We think he will fit right in around here :)
Freckles and Toby
Freckles and Toby

Out and About in the Sunshine

We do love our sunny day's here is Colorado! We know from experience that it can change at the drop of a hat so all of us animals enjoy it while we can! Here area  few shots of us just hanging out in the sun.

A lovely morning stroll was in order for Whiskers this morning!
I love basking in the sunshine! After the Hayman fire injured my shoulder Dr. David Barton gave me a wonderful chiropractic adjustment. I am do so well here at the Edwards foundation...especially when the sun is out and the weather is wonderful!
Clicker the Rooster and Thoroughly Modern Millie
The sunshine brings out the best in all of us. A drink at our favorite spot at the Edwards Foundation.
Animals can communicate quite well.  And they do.
                           Alice Walker

Our Unicow's horn update

Look at how beautiful I am, thank you to Dr. Dale Rice! His research helped me to keep my lovely horn intact which now makes me the famous and unique unicow! Chuck thinks I beautiful too :)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sugar gliders snuggle

Can you tell which end is up?
                                            These girls --- all three of them snuggle these winter days.

Rocky Mountain Horseshoeing donates a Mani-Pedi

Chelsea from Rocky Mountain Horse Shoeing came out to give the horses and pony a Mani-Pedi.
                             Chelsea inspects the hoof for damage from the extreme dry winter
                                         Pancake greets Chelsea and asks if she needs her help.
                                              Checking the sole for signs of bruising.
                                                         Trimming the hoof wall.
                                                               Smoothing the sole.
                                                                   Buffing the hoof.
A great big THANK YOU to Chelsea.