Saturday, July 31, 2010

LLamas Elizabeth and Jessica adopted

Tony, Austin, and Brianna and a group of supporters came to take Elizabeth and Jessica to their new home.
Brianna and Elizabeth will have a great time together.

Austin and Jessica will have AWESOME times together.

Hay from heaven or really Dana and Peggy

The load of donated hay arrived early in the morning. It came from Dana and Peggy in Franktown. Chris is related to an alpine goat and so his job was to go on top and get bales down. Zack's job was to throw the bales off the truck. His goal was to bowl over his brother, Jacob!

Robert and Brandon were the stackers. They made time to help us before leaving to go to Cheyenne Frontier Days where Brandon will be riding in an exhibition drill team demonstration.

Here Brandon supervises the ladies as they move the hay to the stacks.

Halfway done and time for a break and a chance to change jobs in case anyone thinks any of the jobs working with hay is easy!

Still resting and Jacob thinks he might take a turn at bowling for brothers by taking a turn on the truck.

We could not feed all our rescued animals without donations like this precious load of hay!!!!! We had to finish before the day got too hot. A great big THANK YOU to our wonderful benefactors Dana and Peggy. We were wondering how we could get in the hay for the winter and here they came.

Rocky Needs Surgery!!!!!

Here is a picture of Rocky resting up at Terolyn Farms after 3 days at the CSU vet hospital. What a brave little guy he is. Bailey and her mom could use some help with this new vet bill. Bailey is making donation containers to be placed here at the Edwards Foundation and also at Terolyn Farms. If you would like to contribute you can also go to our web, and use pay pal. Be sure to specify for Tyson / Rocky.
Rocky was put out to play, and chipped a bone!! He went into surgery and the vets at CSU took the fragments out and he ls looking much better!!! I picked up him on 7/30/10 in the morning and was he ever glad to see me!!

-Bailey (Rocky's owner!)

Friday, July 30, 2010

Troop 1189, Bronze Project Garden update.

This garden is the Bronze Girl Scout Troop 1189's project and is just growing in the sun. The plaque tells that these beautiful plants were donated by Tagawa's Garden Center. This is the first harvest from their wonderful garden.
Soon they will be out to weed and harvest.

Edwards Animals Volunteers are NOT afraid of hard work!!!!!

Lindsey, Kaitlyn, Caleb and Alex level stall mats by adding pea gravel. Some volunteers wanted to re name it pee gravel as that is what soaks into the ground from uneven stall mats. Hard work and dirty hands. This was pretty dirty work. But our volunteers did it!! Anyone out there not afraid of hard work and dirty hands? We could use your help.
Lindsey supervises Kaitlyn's bush trimming skills.

Alex has chained a dead, sticker bush and is ready for a power removal.

The results of all the trimming and clean up is a truck bed of sticks and stumps and thistles and yuccas. Our volunteers work soooooo hard.

Thank You Hard working Guys!!!

Bunnies in the basement

Bunnies are everywhere! Here are two small ones that each have their own private entrance into the "basement" of our hay shed. The plethora of bunnies are a good indication to us that the coyote predators are moving to other areas (or coyote heaven)--which ever comes first! We have lost many chickens and guineas to the wiley coyote!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Oreo and Hope

This beautiful mare named Oreo was rescued from severe abuse and neglect by an angel named Joan. What is that behind the mare?????? Could it be Rocky???? Don't think so---it is a shy little filly.

Look at that beautiful face and those dainty ears. She is a miracle baby named Hope. She was not supposed to be here . The special care given to the mare by Joan and her vet, Dr. Mueller, gave this special filly a chance to be born and to become so strong. Joan worked extra long hours to be able to pay all the vet bills.
Soon she will meet Rocky and the two should have great play dates.

Both lucky equines will enjoy lots of attention at Terolyn Farm.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Amber and 4 H Service volunteers

Scrub, scrub this waterer was cleaner than ever before.
This group of 4 H girls showed up to help. Amber organized this and brought Marlena, Mallory, Kelly, Shelly, Pam and Kimberly to work with the animals. Talk about muscles. These girls had POWER to throw a whole bale of hay into the feeder!

They decided to work on leading with burros Hannah and Sugar.

This looks easy. ???

This takes lots of patience and TLC.

Big question--How many girls does it take to get Hannah to lead???? These girls were great.

We need to award a blue ribbon. Come back and collect! It will be good to see all again. We love helpers.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tagawa's and Grey Kitty's Birthday Animal Rescue Celebratiom

It was wonderful to be invited to be a part of Grey Kitty Birthday / Animal Rescue event on July 10th and 11th. Tagawa and Simply Beautiful had offered us a chance to make a beautiful patio pot for a silent auction at our booth for this event. Before the day was out our pot tipped and the pot broke. Not to worry. Chris from Tagawa's came right away with a replacement pot so the silent auction could continue. You have one more to come to Tagawa's and place a bid on our lovely porch pot! Lynda took a hint from the raptor rescue booth next to the Edwards Foundation and used a post to hold up arm holding up Coq-au-Vin the rooster. Actually it is the broom handle from our "clean up kit". Kayla was a big help and did a marvelous job of multi-tasking. Displaying the rooster while making sure Dusty and Sandy the pygmy goats did not eat the table cloths or the beautiful flower displays.

She took the animals around for all the people to meet.

All the animals really made friends for us. Wish there was audio for all the barking of the dogs. Rabbits, ferrets, cats, parrots, raptors representative of the animal rescue groups came to celebrate Grey Kitty's birthday. There was cake and lemonade for all humans.

Demi came and then it was a perfect day. Many people stopped and visited with the girls and goats. Coq-au-Vin went along very well and we are all ready to do it again tomorrow--Sunday, 11-3. HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Samantha and EmGee get new home-"Green Acres"

Samantha waiting to interview for new home. She is shyly smiling--will they like me?
Stan and Pat did like Samantha and EmGee and invited us for a tour of prospective new home.

Meet Dandy, one of the residents waiting to meet Samantha. He has scheduled a haircut and shave from the Rockwood Llama lady barber, Judy.

Donkeys Momma and Baby will be ready to greet Samantha and EmGee and show them this warm / cool barn.

Plenty of open space and green grass so EmGee can grow fat and Samantha can play. Thank you Stan and Pat for taking us to your home.

Simply Beautiful / Tagawa Gardens' Patio Pot

Tagawa's master gardners help us with pointers on how to create a perfect pot with Simply Beautiful flowers
This pot looks sooooo good even sideways and upsidew down. Come to the silent auction and place a straight up bid!!

This pot has height, splash and fall. Perfect. Lynda prepared this container garden for next week's big event at Tagawa Gardens--The Grey Kitty Birthday and Animal Rescue Info Event. Over 20 local pet and animal rescue groups will be featured with booths and animals for adoption. This year's highlight is a Silent Auction of Simply Beautiful Container Gardens created by each participating group. 100% of the proceeds of the silent auction benefits the group that created each pot. Stop by the Good Samaritan Pet Center Booth and put a bid in on our beautiful yellow flower and plant creation, visit our animals for adoption, and look at our items for sale!Location: Tagawa Gardens, 7711 South Parker Road, Centennial, CO 80016 Phone:303-690-4722Dates: July 10 and 11 from 11AM to 3PM.

Boys n the Farm

Christian, Zack, Alec and Jake came to visit the Edwards Animals. Goats came to greet them.
They found a hen nesting in one of the feeders. Good camouflage!

Jake found a baby duck that was cold and very weak. He held it in his warm hands.

In just a short time the duckling was reviving

Some TLC and little duck is looking much better. Jake will take him home until he / she is stronger. How good of Jake to share his nest!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Callea meets EmGee

Callea came down from Estes Park to claim her shirt and do a photo. She submitted the winning name for the rescued goat--EmGee - Mountain Goat. Callea just had time for a photo and then she was off to our nation's capitol, Washington D.C. ,to see the 4th of July Fireworks.
Ryan helped to introduce Callea to all the goats. EmGee really loves attention. Callea is on a busy schedule as she has to be back in Estes Park Wednesday at 6:30pm for the airing of her adventures in The Stanley Hotel with the Ghost Hunters Academy Finale viewing in the same place it was filmed. She has friends in all dimensions!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tyson is adopted!!!!!!

This is Bailey and as you can tell she loves Tyson and Tyson loves her.
Bailey has come out every day to work with Tyson. She and her mom Lisa have decided to make Tyson theirs. After working with him they decided he was more like a Rocky. Part for Rocky Balboa the fighter who would not give up and part because he and they like to look at our beautiful Rocky Mountains.

Rocky and Bailey have really bonded. Bailey has agreed to post information on this blog about Rocky.

Bailey and her grown up horse practice riding every day. Rocky will feel right at home when he is old enough because this will be a paint place. Congratulations to Bailey!!! We look forward to following their adventures.