Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Family Members

These are two of our newest additions to the Edwards family. This is Salt and Pepper. They are Silkies.

Tuffy's cherry eye

This is Tuffy. When he came to live with us he had a cherry eye. As a result, Tuffy lost the vision in his eye.  After working with our vet, Dr. Dale Rice, we decided that removal of the eye would be the best option for Tuffy.

Volunteer Tim is comforting Tuffy before surgery.

Tuffy came through the surgery like a champ. He is making a speedy recovery.

 This is Tuffy. When he was placed here he had a cherry eye. We worked with the vet to try to get it corrected. It did not work and as a result he lost the sight in his eye. Working with our vet, Dr. Dale Rice, we decided that removal of the eye would be the best option for Tuffy

Timber the turkey's surgery.

Dr. Dale Rice and his wonderful assistant, Terilyn, brush up on the latest procedures for bumblefoot in fowl.
 They have all surgical monitors hooked up, anesthesiologist standing by, and they are preparing for surgery.  We get first-class treatment with all the latest technology from Dr. Rice.
 Assistant Tim prepares to help the surgery.
 The abscess has been removed from Timber's foot.
Surgery complete, bandage in place, prognosis good.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Dovers Donation

Volunteer Joan picked up supplies from the Giving Tree Donations from manager Tracy and assistant Walter. All these supplies will be put to great use! Every year we get these donations and we are always so thankful!

Christmas Caroling

Our animals love spreading love to our neighbors and bring around Christmas cheer! All of the animals put bells on and our volunteers practiced their caroling.  Thank you to everyone that has helped us this year!

Dover Giving Tree

Dover Saddlery has a Giving Tree every year. Manager Tracy organizes this and volunteer Cassie helps sort and write thank you cards. We are so appreciative of all the people who were generous and donated and the animals will be so happy to have the new products. Thank you Dover for including us!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Donation Parker Perennials

Wow!!!  Jill and Linda from the Parker Perrenials stopped by to deliver a very generous donation to us.  Lynda, John and volunteer Kolbi were so happy they choose our foundation.  They have promised to be back in the spring to get some manure for their beautiful gardens.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Winter Help

Paige and Valentine clean the stall together. 
Sophia, Paige, and Valentine sweep.

Paige, with animal photo bombers.
Filling the manure spreader.