Monday, November 17, 2014


This tiny goat, Thumbelina, did not make it through the arctic blast of the beginnings of winter. She was always the first one out of the barn to greet me with a welcoming call. On the morning when the temperature dropped to below zero we found her in the field just after sunrise. We think she came looking to escort us for the morning feeding and lost too much body heat. She has gone to warm green pastures to be with her friend Bunny. They both came from Mississippi and had never experienced severe cold like we had last week. She brought joy to so many and will be deeply missed.

Frigid Volunteers


Friday, November 14, 2014

Our Cats Are Waiting to See You!

Grey the tabby is always excited to welcome visitors here at the Edwards Foundation! If you're waiting in your car, he might just hop on to get your attention. Our cats here in the Edwards Foundation love to be loved, won't you come say hi?

Also! Please remember to check under your car for any stray cats in this cold winter. Many strays enjoy the heat of an engine, but it can turn into a disaster once the car turns on. Please take a few extra seconds to tap on your hood and check for strays! It could save a life.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Veterans Day Donation From Tagawa's Garden Center

On this cold day Care and Community Volunteers Chance, Clay and Jeremy helped Mike and Lisa load up all the beautiful Perennials into the truck while trying to stay warm.  Perennials need to be well watered and cared for throughout the winter to ensure gorgeous blooming in the spring.  Thank you Tagawa.

Brownie/Daisy Scouts - Troop #63988

These Little Scouts and Family paid a visit to us to meet the animals.  Grace our volunteer helped to give them some safety pointers around the animals. 

Our volunteers Ken gave the girls some pointers about greasing the ancient manure spreader.  Ken made a special visit for the girls prior to his departure for Singapore.
Volunteer Mike is talking to the scouts about our beautiful Zebu Molly.

The girls jump right in and help to shovel around the barn.
Volunteers Neil and Linda answered question about all the animals here at Edwards while the goats enjoy some pumpkins. 
Everyone gathered around while Ken and Mike gave the goats manicures. 

Edwards is very grateful for the Brownie and Daisy Scouts for coming out and all their help.  The animals are also very happy and full for their generous donation of 6 bails of hay. Hopefully we will all see them again soon. Thank You!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Core Knowledge 5th Grade Girls Visit

These wonderful girls got up early on Saturday to come for a visit and to help us with our chores.
Lots fg girls.  Lots of animals.  Wonderful day!  They were all good help. The animals enjoyed all the wonderful attention.

Jack and Parents visit

This is Jack, a wonderful volunteer, who comes here twice a week to help us with chores.  Although he loves helping with the chores and is a good worker-- his favorite animal is Jinx, a beautiful black cat.  Jack brought his parents over to meet Jinx and get a Royal Tour!

Best Wishes -- Safe Trip Ken

This is a fond farewell to one of our best volunteers.  All are the best but this one, Ken, Is heading to Singapore.  He and his kids Laura and Matt have been a great help to us.  Ken has worked every week to trim Fast Eddy's feet to get him to be able to walk after he was foundered.  Success.  Fast Eddy walked over to Ken to say good bye!!  Callie, Grace, Mike and Lynda and Roxanne give him a royal send off with chocolate cake and a flash drive of animal pictures.Ken is looking forward to running with the monkeys (he practiced with us and the animals here).  He will be missed.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Care and Community Help Install French Drain

Mike and his helpers Jack, Jamie and Connor get some help from Bucky to cover the drain with gravel.

Clay helps supervise.

Chance is ready with his shovel.

Thank you all, a job well done!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tagawa's Garden Center Annual Pumpkin Donation

 Halloween is over and Michelle from Tagawa's has set aside some pumpkins for our animals.
Lisa and Jeremy from Care and Community come to help us.
 Jaimee and her daughter Vail and friend Serena also pitch in to help on a day of school vacation.
 Two trucks are full and we are ready to go.
 Dan from Care and Community helps to set some
 out.  Fast Eddy the goat is first for the treats, of course!
Pancake picks a whole pumpkin for herself.  All say Thank You Tagawa's.

Chuck and Molly as yearlings

This beautiful photo of Chuck and Molly was sent to us by Brad Parks from the Denver Zoo.  It was taken 18 years ago when Chuck and Molly were residents at the Denver Zoo in an exhibit called the Krall (an African word meaning farm). This exhibit was closed to make room for an overnight camping adventure for kids at the zoo.  These two came to us along with goats Ghana and Togo.  Molly looks about the same.  Sir Charles grew into a massively beautiful grey Zebu.  His horns grew to weigh a good hundred pounds.  They both spent their mornings grooming each other.  Since his passing the other animals have taken up the grooming routine for Molly.
Chuck will be missed.  

Monday, November 3, 2014

Team Effort

These two lucky kittens are the product of a team effort. A young man who works at a McDonald is homeless and living in his car when not working. He parked his car near a vacant house he rescued three kittens but could not get the fourth one or the mother. his friend Sabrina took them in and called Kris, who has been a volunteer here. Due to ill health Kris could not keep them, so she placed them with Susan. Susan found a home for the small gray kitten. but because of bad cat allergies, could not keep them, and brought them here. So glad that all least 3 of these little kittens made it into the warm before the snow came. Come love on them! 

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy Birthday Molley!!! Many volunteers can out to give her a happy birthday , Oil her horns and hooves, feed her treats, good brushing, a loving, and a good massage. Thank you volunteers for all the TLC!!!
A beautiful day on the first of November!!!!!
Chase and Dealer

Kylie and Tobie

Megan with Stormy, angle, and goldy

Lexi with milly and nathen

Fasteddie and hannah

Fasteddie is finally walking!!!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Goodies for the animals

One of our wonderful neighbors Ms.Carren , brought the animals some Halloween treats. No tricks involved just treats.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Core Knowledge Charter School Visit

This wonderful group of 5th grade boys came around to help with the chores, and love on the animals. 
Sam, a boy in the group got special loving from Pancake the goat. He received a Pancake Survivor award. We look forward to a visit from the girls from this school in 2 weeks!  

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Fall Fancy

 On this beautiful fall day when our chores were all done, Callie, one of our long time volunteers found time to braid Stormy's mane, and make him look very fancy and feel very loved. Bucky came over to admire him.
Maddie, helped give Lamborghini a pedicure and get some sun on his belly! You to can have a chance to be in the sun with the animals!


This is Dr. Dave Barton he came out to do an adjustment on Dealer. He found the process behind his ear needed an adjustment, three ribs were subducted, several vertebra in his neck needed to be realigned, and his pelvis was skewed. 

 After the adjustments, Dealer was relaxed and moving freely again. Hopefully this will enable Dealer to have quick healing from the surgery to remove a cyst from his eye.

GREAT NEWS!!! On Thursday, Terry took Dealer to see Dr. Hammond and have the growth in his eye lid removed. It was not cancer, and we all look forward to a quick recovery. Thank you Dr.Dave  Barton!(3038149262) He can also work his magic on people. Thank you Dr. Todd Hammond and his eye clinic! (3034227444)
A fond farewell to Sir Charles aka Chuck
He came here from the Denver Zoo many years ago. He made it to the ripe old age of 17 which is very old for a Zebu.
He spent the winters here at Edwards Foundation and the summers roaming the fields at Terolyn with his constant companion Molly.
I wish to thank the Denver Zoo, Dr Rice, Terolyn Farms and all the wonderful volunteers who through the years the made Chuck’s life so wonderful and gave him some great TLC!

In the next few weeks, his life partner, Molly will need so extra TLC. Please stop by and help her through these rough times.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Volunteers for fall festival

Daisy and Austin load hay to fill the feeders
 Lexi,Austin and Daisy bring out the groceries.
 What goes in must come out in a different form!  Daisy, Masison and Austin "pitch" in for cleanup.
 Valerie and Sarah take Stormy for a walk
Ian takes the lamas for an adventure.
 More adventures in the woods
Now volunteers have time to brush all the animals.  Thank you all.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Elizabeth's Birthday

Cassie brought Elizabeth to the farm for her birthday. Since Elizabeth loves llamas her goal was to meet Millie. 

Cassie introduces Elizabeth to Millie. 

Elizabeth is still not sure she wont get spit on by Millie.

The girls earned 'Pancake Survivor' certificates, as Pancake gave them one of her infamous greetings. 

Best Friends Forever! The girls and Nani and Tulli!