Thursday, August 31, 2017

Ashley Visits the farm

Ashley says hello to Toby and Angel. She is training for her black belt and part of the requirement is community service hours.
 Molly gets some special attention from Ashley's mother Toni and little brother Niku.
 The llamas want some special TLC from Toni and Niku.
 Ashley takes time to give Hannah a special treat.
Toby enjoys his corn snack while Fast Eddie looks on.

New Roosters

 Josh greets our 2 new silky roosters brought to us by Kristen, our neighbor who have beautiful chickens but can't have roosters.
They are settled in and making new friends.

Dog Baths

 Our wonderful dogs, Tuffy, Chip, and Sammy, enjoyed a nice cool bath on this hot day.
This helped to get all of the dirt out and keep the flies away. Thanks Leah and Josh for washing the fury animals.

Saturday, August 26, 2017


Callie came around to give Dealer a good grooming
give him a good ride, and
help Linda get her foot in the stirrups. Thank you Callie for being so helpful.

Alpaca Walk

Say hello to Poden, Q, and Blue, our 3 amazing Alpacas. They are wonderful and gentle and are looking for a forever home so if you want to adopt them, you would have to adopt all three because they are a bonded trio.
The two missionary girls, Sister Galeria and Sister Tingey had fun walking the 3 alpacas.

Cleaning out the Igloo

Today we had three of our wonderful volunteers, Josh, Jalee, and Grace, clean out the goat igloo. They had to scoop all the old straw out, carry the new straw bale in the igloo, and spread the straw around. Fast Eddie, the goat, will really appreciate the new bedding. Thank you Grace, Jalee, And Josh. There is always things to do here so come on over and visit the animals, they will thank you for it.

Hello Lamas

Here at Edwards we love all of our animals, especially our Lamas. Sophia says hello to our 2 girl lamas, Milly, in the front, and Elizabeth, in the back, and our boy lama Nathan, in the middle. Bucky, another one of our boy lamas, chose not to get in the picture, but Sophia didn't mind tacking his place.
Our Llamas love to get walked. They would love it if you would come on down to walk them.

Good Morning Cat

Sophia says hello to one of our cats. She likes to come around and help the animals whenever she can.
The cat is ready to pounce on anything that it sees, even us!


We are so happy to have wonderful people who bring our animals food. We got donations of  corn, cabbage, and egg whites. The Alpacas especially like the cabbage. Thank you Secor for bringing us all this food for our wonderful animals.

Thanks Jim

We had a wonderful guy come here and fix our waterers. Water was spilling out all through the barn and was getting the hay wet. But Jim found the problem and fixed it in record time. Thanks so much Jim.

Cat Semy

 A new cat comes to the rescue. This is Semy. Semy was dropped off here at Edwards and needed a home.
 In just a few days, Semy was offered a new home, in New Jersey. She is ready for her long flight.
Rhonda helps Semy to get ready for her flight.
Semy has arrived and is enjoying her new home. Nicole was kind enough to offer her a home.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Goat Structure

We got a very generous donation of a goat structure. The goats love the new toy and enjoy jumping on top of it. Thank you Jim for donating it to us.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Alpaca Walk

Talon Falcon, Keanan, and Leah walked the alpacas, Poden, Q, and Blue. Poden the alpaca ate the whole time. He especially likes dandelions. Josh went on the walk also and helped out the alpaca walkers. If you want to walk our alpacas, come and visit us.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Visit from Dish

 We had a wonderful group come here to help us today. They helped to move the hay.
 They were great at putting up the tarp to keep our new hay dry.
Jordan, Deanna, Ally, Brian, and Juan were a great help today. They even helped to fix the tv. Hopefully they come back soon and say hi to the lamas.

New Ducks

 Mara, her friend Kyleigh, and Monica brought us the ducks. They rescued them from the lake where they were dumped after their owners didn't want them any more. It is a shame that people buy the little ducklings for Easter and then don't want them once they are bigger.
 The ducks came in cages and we moved them to their new home.
 The duck is ready to go to his new home.
The ducks greet each other. They will be friends soon.

Hay Delivery

 We got a hay delivery. The animals will be well fed.
Bucky, Millie, and Elizabeth inspect the hay. "All is good" they say.
 This machine lifts the hay and stacks it. It is made from an old truck. The lamas supervise as "we" unload the hay.
Ty runs the machine and Greg drives the truck. Greg got up at 2 in the mourning to go to Glenwood Springs to get this hay. Thanks guys.

Hannah feeling all better

 We recently had a sick burro. Her name is Hannah and she is the sweetest burro there is.
 She had a foot ingury and colic. She was over weight and needed a diet. But Dr. Dale came to the rescue.
We got a farrier and put her on a diet she is now happy and doing great. Thank you Dr. Dale.

Alpaca and Pony walk with the girls

 The girls take the animals for a walk.
 The alpacas like to get walked.
Avery, Haley, Abby, and Macy learn form Kolbi and Jessi about how to walk the alpacas and ponies.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Kolbi Takes Starbuck For a run

 Kolbi gives Starbucks some time for exercise.
 Starbucks likes to run and play tag.
Starbucks gives Kolbi some exercise as well.

Foghorn Leghorn

Police Woman D. Horn from Dacono gave us a wonderful rooster who was reffered t her from the town of Dacono Colorado.