Saturday, April 30, 2016

Animals Waiting for Warm Weather

The animals were waiting in the barn for us to come feed them, avoiding the snow outside.

Fast Eddie is hanging out in his little hut, staying warm.

Molly, Angel, and Bucky watching us cleaning the barn aisle way, and hoping for treats.

Helpers on a Snowy Spring Day

Thank you to Kelly who came to help. Toby really enjoyed his adventure down the road. 

Thank you to the Starbucks employees who came to volunteer and work with us.  We appreciate all the help we get, especially in the cold and snow.   

Friday, April 29, 2016

Mare due to Foal

This lovely mare is due to foal soon.  She was rescued from a kill pen by Terolyn last month.  Thanks to Jay for setting up this foal watch.  Here are are the directions so that you can watch for when the foal comes.
Download swannview plus app for phone.
Go to top left corner-3 bars.
Go to devices.
Go to top right and push + button.
Enter alias-foal watch.
Tap UID not register mode and put in
WFX8MRB4X8MCH4CA111A all caps.
Tap password and put in 12345.
Go to top right corner and save.
Hit start viewing. Should see four boxes top left will show video. Tap twice on box to make it full screen. Contact Jay if you need help at 303-888-9435.

Bottle Feeding the Kitten

This little kitten can now drink from a bottle.  She taking protein supplement in, is peeing out, and now we're just waiting for her to poop! Thank you to everyone who has come around to help with this little kitten!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Care & Community

Jamie & Conor cleaning out the chicken coop.

Jeremy & Chance helping clean out the stalls.

Callie exercising Dealer

We love having Callie here but Dealer loves it the most! Out today braving the wind and cold to get in some exercise. 

Endeavor Academy Helps with Chores

Endeavor Academy students visited to help us with our daily chores at Edwards animals and gave them some extra love! Hope they visit again soon!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Cruel Choices

This blog is posted in hopes of saving any little animal that is taken away from its mother too soon. This can be due to ignorance or selfishness, but many times the result is the same- death of an innocent baby animal. This is a kitten brought to us at 10pm Thursday night. Two little girls had found a Feral Cat's den, and in it, a number of kittens. Each girl took a kitten home to have something to love. One girl, knowing that her mother would be upset, hid the kitten without feeding or caring for it properly. By the time her mother found out, the kitten was in critical health and was brought to us. We were able to get it to drink special kitten formula, but could not get it to poop. By Saturday evening, its belly was distended and needed an emergency trip to Dr. Dale Rice of Three Peaks Veterinary. after examination, the doctor determined the kitten was little more than a week old and had an impacted bowel. He was able to give it a kitten enema, which resulted in four inches of impacted material eliminated. Due to the intense care needed for the next couple of days, the kitten was turned over to Terilyn Farms to be monitored 24/7.
We hope after reading this story, people will think twice before taking a baby animal away from its mother. If you find a baby animal, please leave it alone!!

Ryan Brings Generous Donations

This is a wonderful volunteer named Ryan; last time he was here, he requested a list of supplies that we needed. This week he showed up with strong and long cotton lead ropes, wooden and paper bags of shavings, bags of food for the animals- including layena and alfalfa pellets. Wow, what a wonderful surprise! After helping with the chores, he also helped to lead a tour for a family and their four beautiful children. Even after doing all this, he still had enough energy for a riding lesson afterwards.

CCross Farrier Team Trims Toby

 This team of Jaime and Anthony from C Cross Farriers came for a follow up trim for Toby to help alleviate his laminitis caused by founder from eating too much grain.
 Here, Jaime removes dead sole, excess heel and toe.
 On the rear foot, Jaime was able to open up and remove a blood clot from the injured lamini.

We thank this team for their expertise in helping Toby.

Monday, April 18, 2016

April Snow showers bring happy Llamas!

Here comes Nathan, Millie and Elizabeth on their tail. They followed us on the trail that Volunteer Danny, from Bennett, shoveled so that we could get to the barn through 3 foot drifts of snow! 

Nathan with a big cheesey smile leading the pack! 

Friday, April 15, 2016

Fun with visitors!

This wonderful family stopped by to love on Bandit and some of our other animals. They had a great time and we appreciate their generous donation!  

We just love it when new visitors come by to meet and spend time with our friends here at Edwards Animals. 

Love our Volunteers! Linda and Neil

Linda and Neil are long time volunteers here at Edwards Animals. 

Linda spending time with our friend Denali. We are babysitting Denali while his dad is away.

Linda had a serious fall from a ladder and injured her arm. We are so glad to hear that she is recovering well! It was so great to see both of them! 

Neil spending time on the tractor. He is an all around handy man! 

Fast Eddy has taken a liking to Neil. He says Neil gives him the best pedicures in town!

Happy Birthday Molly!

This month is Molly's 29th birthday! She's such a beautiful girl, that loves all the attention you want to give her! She has been here at Edwards Animals for almost 20 years. We are so grateful to the Denver Zoo for bringing her to us!

Bandit Boy

This is Bandit! He came to us from our friend Ruth, along with his friend Stormy who is a black and white pony. They are the best of friends. Bandit lives up to his name, as he'll try and steal any goodies you have in your hand! He is also quite the film star, starring in several Colorado Film Schools projects. 

Monday, April 11, 2016

Riding Dealer and Goldie

We got to have fun with the horses.

Dealer's looking magnificent all tacked up and ready to go.
Thank you Callie and Stephanie for this fun day!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Skylar's Project

Skylar came around to take pictures with the animals and deliver a wonderful trailer full of treats.
In support of her project donated Timothy Grass Hay, Alfalfa pellets, chicken feed, big bags of dog food and cat food.

 In support of her school project her family came around and not only donated her supplies but her time as well.  Skylar used her time and money to make bags full of treats for all the animals.
This is Chip's favorite toy, his colorful parrot.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Fast Eddy in the sun

Thanks to the help of Ryan, Cassie, Paul, and  Luke our beautiful Nubian goat got his nails trimmed. Luke and Paul came from Core Knowledge School in Parker and helped clean the goat beds and the chicken room. They did an amazing job. Cassie cleaned the watering stations and Goldie's stall. What a good job!  Dealer also got a little excited over carrots. It is spring and a new rule will be no treats into the field :)   Luckily no one got hurt but Bandit almost got under Dealer in an attempt to get to the treats.  Ryan helped in the chicken room and helped to hold Fast Eddie while his nails got trimmed.   Always lots of chores and we really appreciate our helpers!!!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Scout Pack 280 Comes to Visit

 Come one, come all to visit the animals. The weather was great.
These scouts were quick to pick up anything on the ground. They did a great job.