Sunday, April 24, 2016

Cruel Choices

This blog is posted in hopes of saving any little animal that is taken away from its mother too soon. This can be due to ignorance or selfishness, but many times the result is the same- death of an innocent baby animal. This is a kitten brought to us at 10pm Thursday night. Two little girls had found a Feral Cat's den, and in it, a number of kittens. Each girl took a kitten home to have something to love. One girl, knowing that her mother would be upset, hid the kitten without feeding or caring for it properly. By the time her mother found out, the kitten was in critical health and was brought to us. We were able to get it to drink special kitten formula, but could not get it to poop. By Saturday evening, its belly was distended and needed an emergency trip to Dr. Dale Rice of Three Peaks Veterinary. after examination, the doctor determined the kitten was little more than a week old and had an impacted bowel. He was able to give it a kitten enema, which resulted in four inches of impacted material eliminated. Due to the intense care needed for the next couple of days, the kitten was turned over to Terilyn Farms to be monitored 24/7.
We hope after reading this story, people will think twice before taking a baby animal away from its mother. If you find a baby animal, please leave it alone!!

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  1. Due to the trauma to its digestive track, the loss of nourishment for the period of time it was hidden, and its young age, it is still having trouble eliminating itself. We are taking a trip back to the emergency vet!