Friday, December 31, 2021

Movers and Shakers (How to Move Hay)


It is a fine art to be able to move hay. A few of the key ingredients required for moving hay include; able bodies that are willing to get a little dirty, rhythm/timing, and most important of all, communication, to ensure that everybody is safe and doing what they're supposed to. (Appearing from left to right: Evan, Misael, Brennan, Zachariah, and Joe.)

Dover Saddlery's Giving Tree


Thank you so very much to Dover Saddlery for always allowing Edwards Rescued Foundation to take part in their annual Giving Tree. We are so very grateful for all of the resources and continued support that they have bestowed upon us for many years. BIG thank you, to Victoria from Dover Saddlery for her speedy service and kindness. Our animals will benefit greatly from those generous supplies gifted to us.

Our Lovely Little Kanga has Crossed the Rainbow Bridge


We sadly had to send off one of our two beloved Suri llamas, Kanga. Kanga and Roo came to Edwards Rescue Foundation as a pair several years ago and have been bringing joy too many volunteers on their morning walks. Kanga has a sister by the name of Roo who is going to be needing a lot of special attention throughout the next few weeks.

Thank you so very much to Living Springs for being so willing to help Kanga in her time of need. Their amazing team of nurses, doctors, and veterinary techs were wonderful with their kind and compassionate care and gave Kanga a comfortable and peaceful transition into greener pastures.

Care and Community Helpers


Emily gives special loving to Sammy, who REALLY appreciates the special attention.

After a frigid, long day of work. These smiling faces stuck around to have a warm meal and share some holiday spirit. (Appearing from left to right: Jason, Haley, Elijah, Emily, and Laine)
photo credit: Tammy 

This helpful young man, Jamie, has been volunteering with us for over 5 years! We genuinely appreciate all of his hard work and continued support. Thanks Jamie!

Monday, December 20, 2021

 One of our wonderful volunteers, Zoey, donated a tank de-icer to keep the water from freezing in the winter. The animals and volunteers will both enjoy the defrosted water.

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Shared Passion from

In the next few weeks you’ll all be making the “we need to rehome our pet“ posts.  These are the people who purchase puppies, kittens, rabbits, ducks, goats, etc. as Christmas gifts or COVID companions who are suddenly allergic, moving, have a baby, or just don’t have timePossibly, their kids also don’t take on the responsibility of pet ownership. They never thought the pet would grow to be so big, didn’t think they’d shed, didn’t think they needed so much food and spaceThe problem is 90% of unwanted pets end up in kill shelters.  


Allow me to break it down for you:

1. You didn’t know you had an allergy? Oops don’t let the pets suffer, buy some allergy pet medicine

2. You’re moving? What city are you moving to that does not allow dogs? Bullshitville? You do have a responsibility to your living, breathing family member to plan ahead and find a house, apartment or condo that will allow your furry friend. I would be HOMELESS with my pet before giving them up!

3. Oh, you had no idea you were due to have a baby in two months... didn’t know that’s how it worked? Get a dog trainer and remember that the pet was your child first.

4. Don’t have time to let a dog out or to have a dog just sit next to you while you’re home? Really? So they are better off in a shelter than waiting in your house for you to get home? OK, perhaps get another pet to keep them company or look for a local dog sitter.

5. You mean your five-year-old didn’t step up to the plate to feed, walk, and scoop poop like they promised? I guess it’s time for you to step up and role model for your child.

6. Wrong size? Not cute as an adult? Sheds too much? Barks? Breathes? Not quite the personality you expected? Look in the mirror, how do you turn out?  Should we send you back? Guess what? If the roles were reversed, your dog would NEVER LET YOU GO!

Thank you Claire Guthrie, We Sit For You, 


Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Dealer's eye exam

Dr. Lemus from Littleton Equine Center came out to check Dealer's eye this week and performed a thorough examination.  Dr. Martabano, who had worked with Dealer at CSU Veterinary Hospital, is now consulting with Littleton Equine on Dealer's treatment plan. 

Since Dealer lost his right eye, it's crucial that we get him the best treatment possible. We are so thankful to have such a well qualified team of dedicated veterinarians working with us on his care.

We are hoping for the best, since Dealer has already been through so much. Please come out and visit him!

Saturday, November 20, 2021

Special Thanks to Care & Community

 Jamie and Rachel enjoy spending some time with the animals on their visit with Care and Community. We appreciate them coming on Tuesdays & Thursdays to help out with chores. They are a joy to our animals and our farm!

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Renaming contest

 We have a winner for our new goats.  The names chosen are Batman and Robin.  Would the person who submitted the name Robin and Dot and a phone number ending in 9788 please contact us for your prize.

Come say hello to Batman.  He has two bat insignias on one side and a big bat on the other.  He is the big brother to Robin.
Here is little brother Robin.  He has a "4" on his side because he is "4" Batman.  He also has a little bat insignia on his leg.  He has a spot on his nose so he is "spot on" to help Batman!

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Mealtime mischief

Breakfast inspires more antics and laughs as the goats, llamas & horses all search for the perfect morsel. There's plenty for everyone, but sometimes it just tastes better when you don't have to share, doesn't it? Rowdy certainly thinks so.

Enjoying the Sunshine

A lovely fall day in Parker... 

The llamas are out sunbathing today, while the rest of the animals relax & play out in the field. 

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Welcome New Residents: Big Guy & Little Guy!!


Yesterday, we welcomed 2 new goats for Halloween! These 2 goats are here to be boarded for Pat, she calls them Big Guy & Little Guy.

We would like to have nicknames for them, so our volunteers & visitors can recognize them and tell them apart from each other and our other goats. They have beautiful, unique markings on their faces.

Please stop by, get to know them, and give us your suggestions for their nicknames!!

Monday, November 1, 2021

New poster of all our animals!

Our volunteer Jenni created this wonderful poster so we can greet our precious animals by name when we see them in the field. Thanks to Jenni for all her hard work!!


New space for volunteers to enjoy!

 Thanks to Tagawa and our volunteer Susie for this lovely new rug for our sunroom. It will be a nice, cozy space for R&R for our volunteers (and the kitties too)!

Susie's plant donation

 One of our wonderful volunteers, Susie, picked out this beautiful cast iron plant to brighten up our sunroom.

Thank you, Susie!!

Bubblegum has a new friend and home!

 Bubblegum has gone to a new home with his new horse friend, CJ. Becky, who recently lost her other beloved horse, took in Bubblegum to help keep her and CJ company after the loss. She reports that the pair has been getting along well, spending time together in the pasture, and have even gotten as close as 3 feet from one another. 

We are thrilled and wish them a long and happy friendship!

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Visitors for Elizabeth

 Come visit our ambitious friend Elizabeth the llama If you want to take some amazing selfies with a llama. 



On behalf of The Edward Foundation of Rescue Animals, we would like to thank Lincoln Preforming Arts Center for the pumpkins they donated to the farm.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

We are sad to have to let everyone know that our sweet little rescue mascot, Stormy, has unexpectedly crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He passed peacefully overnight surrounded by his favorite goat and sheep friends.
Stormy began his life with a kind, older woman who loved him with all her heart and took excellent care of him. When she could no longer give him the care he deserved, she made the difficult decision to send him to my mom’s rescue, Edwards Foundation for Rescued Animals where he was loved and spoiled by all the volunteers.
He later developed some medical issues that required care at a place better equipped to deal with horses, so he came to stay with us.
Everyone who met Stormy instantly fell in love with his quirky personality and odd little nicker that sounded more like his goat friends than a horse.
We will miss him and his way of being right there with us, no matter what we were doing, while pretending to be completely uninterested.

It’s rare for us to have a rescue horse that was loved so well for his entire life. While we are sad that he is gone, we feel very lucky that we had the chance to be a part of a life well-spent.

We miss you already Stormy💔🐎



Lucy the goose was a very beloved goose. She was given to The Edward Foundation for Rescued Animals, because she had an injured leg. After her recovery she was full of energy. Then she was adopted by an amazing lady named Laurie. After many years Lucy came back to the farm and became the official greeter of The Edward Family farm. Everyone loved Lucy because she announced when someone arrived. Sadly Lucy has passed away, She will be very missed.


Daisy was a strong little dog who went through a lot before being placed with The Edward Foundation of Rescued Animals. After having Daisy for seven years the first family she was placed with decided they couldn't take care of her anymore. Than she was adopted by a lady and she was taken to be clipped. Her fur was clipped so short that she had to wear a sweater during the cold season to keep her warm. One week later, the lady decided she also couldn't take care of her anymore. Daisy was then placed with the Edward family. She became friends with Chip and Sammy right away. Daisy was with the Edward family for four years. On Monday Daisy went to 3 Peaks vet clinic. On Wednesday Daisy went to Aurora animal hospital for x-rays. Daisy on Friday than went to 3 musketeers vet, her heart beat was very weak and she was in respiratory distress. Shortly after Daisy passed away. We would like to thank all of the people at the vet clinics that helped us take care of Daisy. Daisy will be missed by everyone at The Edward foundation of Rescued Animals. She will also be missed by her best friends Chip and Sammy. 

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Goats get visit

Bandit and  Valentine have a spirit visit from Ruth who just went to heaven.  She is still watching over them.

Friday, August 6, 2021

Stefan Murdock's Manager Presents donation

 Murdock's selected Edwards Foundation for a very generous donation.  Stefan from the Parker store came in person to present our check.  Many volunteers and animals were around to say Thank You!!!

Fond Farewell to Fudgie


This dear little dog came to us with a dozen others from Pueblo.  He was rescued from a group of people that use small dogs to frenzy Dogs before a fight.  He came here June 20th 2006 and was several years old.  He was overweight and scared.  A dozen of these little guys were placed with good adoptive owners  Fudgie remained here.  On one of his adventures, his eye was dislodged.  Dr. Dale Rice from Three Peaks Veterinary was able to put his eye back in and he kept his vision.  Today Fudgie was released to travel over the Rainbow bridge where he can run and play in green grass under clear blue skies.  Thanks to all who helped with his care over the years and to those who took care of him and eased him on his journey today!

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Wonderful Eagle Scout Project

              Camden with eagle scout troop 127 helped build a play area for the goats in their pen. Camden did a wonderful job of planning this project with the right materials and entertainment for the goats. Not only did he create a wonderful play place, he also made a shelter to keep the goats food dry. After the total cost for materials came in under budget, he donated the remainder of the money to the Edwards Foundation for our animals.

                                   This is a young man with a goat on the new play structure.
                                     The finished product is a wonderful structure for the goats.
The young men are putting finishing touches on their project.

                                         The young men are trying to get the goats to try it out.
                                         This is the group that helped put in this wonderful structure.

                                           This is them starting off their project for our goats.

Friday, July 16, 2021

LDS Young Men Group Service Project

A wonderful group of young men completed an LDS service project for us. They were divided in 3 teams. 1 team did fencing, 1 team helped spread gravel, and 1 team helped level the stall mats.

Nathan, our Lama, loved to survey all their good work high atop Mount Gravel!

 At the end of the day, this hard working group of young men were able to take a knee in homage to King Nathan. Their help was much appreciated by all!

Tuesday, July 13, 2021



You can link your King Soopers Rewards card DIRECTLY to  
The Edward's Foundation for Rescued Animals!

EVERY little bit that comes to the foundation is a HUGE help!

NOT ONLY are you helping them, you also get filled with joy knowing that you are helping these beautiful animals live the their BEST LIVES! 

Is there an easier way to help?




Through King Soopers App:

Go to "Menu" on top left corner
Go to "Rewards" (where you would look at your fuel points)
Go to "Community Rewards"
Go to "Add/ Search Organization"
Type in "The Edward's Foundation for Rescued Animals"
Click and Link

Its THAT easy! 


Rainy Days? NO PROBLEM!


Who says rainy evenings have to be awful? Stay dry with our EXCLUSIVE Edward's fashion taking Parker by "storm!" Jen and Jenni pictured here looking INCREDIBLY stylish and ready to put the animals to bed for the night! 

We ALWAYS find a way to have fun in even the worst of weather!
Not to mention, the animals have a fun time TRYING to figuring 
out what the heck is going on with their friends!


"Llama"nade Stand


Little Ones Making a BIG

Difference for Large Animals!

Charli and Quinn became fast friends volunteering with our foundation (alongside their families) since March of this year. While other kids were having cannon ball contests at their pools for the 4th of July, these two were busy getting the word out about our rescue by selling fresh squeezed lemonade and passing out information pamphlets. 

THEIR DEDICATION AND HARD WORK RAISED $170!!! We were able to put these generous donations towards recent veterinarian bills for several of our animals.

We are humbled by the support of our community.

We are further inspired and encouraged by these two young ladies who, not only spent their holiday weekend working to help our animals, but spend a good portion of their weekends working the field and taking WONDERFUL care of these animals. 


Monday, July 12, 2021

Group tour walking the animals

This is a shade structure made by a wonderful scout for his Eagle Project!  Thank you Camden from Troop #127.  The animals love it!

We have many tours starting at 9am M-F.  Most days we walk the animals.  For a donation, we would love to have you join us on a walk.