Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Wonderful Eagle Scout Project

              Camden with eagle scout troop 127 helped build a play area for the goats in their pen. Camden did a wonderful job of planning this project with the right materials and entertainment for the goats. Not only did he create a wonderful play place, he also made a shelter to keep the goats food dry. After the total cost for materials came in under budget, he donated the remainder of the money to the Edwards Foundation for our animals.

                                   This is a young man with a goat on the new play structure.
                                     The finished product is a wonderful structure for the goats.
The young men are putting finishing touches on their project.

                                         The young men are trying to get the goats to try it out.
                                         This is the group that helped put in this wonderful structure.

                                           This is them starting off their project for our goats.

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