Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ryan's Eagle Scout Service Project

The boys taking a break after delivering the bench!
  We love the Eagle Scouts around here at the Edwards Foundation. A service project needs to be completed as part of the requirements to move up in the Scouts. We are lucky enough to have some of these special people complete projects for us here.
Taking the bench off the truck

        Our most recent Eagle Scout is Ryan. Ryan is a student at Chaparral High School here is Parker. He is completing  his service project and he choose to create a goat feeder and a bench for us here at the Edwards Foundation. Ryan got his idea from another Eagle Scout helped us with some benches here and we love them so much! The benches that these Eagle Scouts make for us are even Pancake Proof! We are so happy to finally have the feeder here for our goats! The larger animals tend to push the goats around so they get a little skittish around the larger feeder. Ryan solved our problem by creating the smaller feeder. We have a crippled goat here that is going to love spending their time feeding from the project Ryan created.
The True Test of durability...Pancake Test!

       This project started by Ryan fundraising to be able to buy the wood for the goat feeder and the bench. Once the fundraising was done Ryan and a few friends of his spent a day creating the feeder and the bench. Today Ryan along with some of his friends another Scout, Elder Erickson and Elder Lewis missionaries from Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints delivered the feeder and bench to us. Ryan also brought his own photography crew his mother.
Unloading the Goat Feeder
Placement of the Goat Feeder in the Barn

         While the men were here to deliver the serivce project they also helped us here to move grain from the house up to the feed barn. Like I said this is a special group of individuals and we are so happy to have their help around here.
Delivery line for the bags of grain.
Loading Grain with the help of Fast Eddie
I cannot say enough how happy and lucky we are that some of the Eagle Scouts choose to do their service project here with us!
Lynda and Ryan next to the new goat feeder!