Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Animals love their daily trip to graze

 It takes a lot of volunteers to take the animals to graze.
 Llamas love grass.
 Ponies love grass.
Horses love grass.
Pancake loves trees.

Hannah and Sugar get a pedicure

 This is Aaron Cragie.  He is a firefighter, a SWAT team member and in his spare time he is a farrier.  What spare time???  Volunteer Neil holds Hannah.  Aaron kneels so Hannah does not need to bend her stiff knees too much.
Volunteer Tom holds Sugar as the "Lady in Waiting" for her trim.

Tagawa's Garden Center hosts Grey Kitty's Birthday

Each year Tagawa's Garden Center hosts Rescue groups to help place rescued animals and let the public get information on different organizations.  Watch for this event next year.  A beautiful setting with all the colorful plants, cake and lemonade, and lots of great people and adoptable animals and birds.
 This year Diane, her daughter Jessica and their pet Old English banty rooster Cocoa set up and manned our booth for both days.
 Lots of people stopped by to say hi, meet Cocoa and get information about our rescue.  What a great team!!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hay Moving / Goat Manicure

How can we get hay from the hay shed to the feed room????  Just ask for help from this group of wonderful service volunteers.
                                              Sister Baker hefts a bale into the sunlight.
                                  Sisters Jones and Havea get more hay ready ready to move.
                                                        Sister Green wheels two bales away.
                 Elder Johnson has worked on a hay farm in Alaska and so he can carry two bales at a time!
 Elder Smith trims Pancake's hooves (manicure) with help -- everyone gets to hold a hoof.

The service group is joined by another service group from Care and Community.  From left to right and back to front-- Supervisor Mike, Jamie, David, Dan, Chance and Elder Johnson.
Front row is Jeremy, Sister Baker, Sister Green, Sister Jones, Elder Smith and Sister Havea.  We could not do what we do with the help of volunteers.  Thank you all!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Little Sprouts have a Big Visit

This is Sister Green.  She, Sister Havea, and Miss Diane came at 7:00am to help get ready for a tour from a mother's day out group called "Little Sprouts".
 First step in getting ready for the tour is to make sure the manure is picked up and put in a neat BIG pile.
 Next step is making sure all the animals are clean and fed.  Bucky is all ready for the visit.
 These "Little Sprouts" get an introduction to the big animals before they go out into the field for some close encounters of the big, hairy and feathered kind.

For some it was easier to bring the goat "kids" to the "Sprout Kids".
All these "Little Sprouts" and their wonderful mommies enjoyed their visit.  We hope they will come back when they are teens and help with barn chores!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Help with chores from all over the U.S.

We start chores at 7:30!Today it is supposed to be 100 degrees!
We are so glad to have such great help.  From left to right our helpers are Jackson from Colorado, Elder Goldade from Virginia, Elder Gallegos from Oregon, Elder Escudero from Washington, and Elder Harley from Alaska.  They are moving a 1000 pound bale of hay with the supervision of Pancake our lead goat.  What teamwork!!!

 Hannah greets Elder Escudero.  She is growing back her coat and loves to be rubbed.  All the animals loved this special attention.
 Next all helped unload great quantities of chicken feed.  Cancel their gym membership.
Next they took some of the large animals to graze in the trees.  Due to extensive dental work on the horses they really appreciate nice soft fresh grass.
These young men must have had a great breakfast because they had enough energy to unload sand bags, pull up sidewalk bricks anf replace the bricks.  Wow!!!  All by 11am. Thank you!!!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Marlon / Frosty in new digs

 Marlon was placed here from a backyard in Denver.  We found him a good forever home with a great family and other sweet little goats.  Little goats need special care and special fencing and good fresh grass.
With a new home he also got a new name  Frosty as his coat is frosted.  This is Kara his special friend and caregiver.  Both are so happy.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Eagle Scout and Chick-Fil-A

 This is Brandon and his fellow Scouts.  Brandon is working on his Eagle project which is building a shelter for our goats.  Chick-Fil-A is helping by donating a portion of sales on July 3rd and offering coupons for lucky spins on the wheel.

Here Lynda is a lucky winner.  Thanks to all who helped support Brandon.  We look forward to his project.