Thursday, July 11, 2013

Help with chores from all over the U.S.

We start chores at 7:30!Today it is supposed to be 100 degrees!
We are so glad to have such great help.  From left to right our helpers are Jackson from Colorado, Elder Goldade from Virginia, Elder Gallegos from Oregon, Elder Escudero from Washington, and Elder Harley from Alaska.  They are moving a 1000 pound bale of hay with the supervision of Pancake our lead goat.  What teamwork!!!

 Hannah greets Elder Escudero.  She is growing back her coat and loves to be rubbed.  All the animals loved this special attention.
 Next all helped unload great quantities of chicken feed.  Cancel their gym membership.
Next they took some of the large animals to graze in the trees.  Due to extensive dental work on the horses they really appreciate nice soft fresh grass.
These young men must have had a great breakfast because they had enough energy to unload sand bags, pull up sidewalk bricks anf replace the bricks.  Wow!!!  All by 11am. Thank you!!!

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