Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hay Moving / Goat Manicure

How can we get hay from the hay shed to the feed room????  Just ask for help from this group of wonderful service volunteers.
                                              Sister Baker hefts a bale into the sunlight.
                                  Sisters Jones and Havea get more hay ready ready to move.
                                                        Sister Green wheels two bales away.
                 Elder Johnson has worked on a hay farm in Alaska and so he can carry two bales at a time!
 Elder Smith trims Pancake's hooves (manicure) with help -- everyone gets to hold a hoof.

The service group is joined by another service group from Care and Community.  From left to right and back to front-- Supervisor Mike, Jamie, David, Dan, Chance and Elder Johnson.
Front row is Jeremy, Sister Baker, Sister Green, Sister Jones, Elder Smith and Sister Havea.  We could not do what we do with the help of volunteers.  Thank you all!

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