Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rescue horses week 3

Starting into week 3 on quarantine for the five rescued horses. We thank all of the volunteers who have donated so much time to their care and giving them TLC. Here Cheryl and Pam give TLC after work. They stayed till dark. Tom and Dex are doing very well. Dex has all his weight on his injured foot. Each horse now has their own stall and run. They get very serious about their feed. Kara makes Talia's mane silky. We can hardly wait to get them home. Also thank you to all who have donated money to their care and feeding. Please come spend some time with these very grateful horses.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rescue Day Two

Day two at Terolyn. The two boys Tom and Dex are greeting us. Dex has had his injured foot treated by Doctor Dale Rice. He is trying to put weight on it. All have been brushed and brushes disinfected after each use to prevent spread of ringworm and they have learned that treats are GREAT! The paint filly Talia gets her coat checked. Doc Rice has recommended special medicines for sores and ringworm. All have had 1/2 dose of wormer with second dose in a week. All are getting settled. All are haltered. The two year olds lead. They do love the coat massage and all the attention. The trailer has been repaired and is back at Terolyn. We need to get Thank Yous out to all who helped. We would love to have help with our blog to keep everyone updated on their progress.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rescue horses safe at Terolyn

Teri and Doc Rice with vet check. Lots of worms so small dose wormer to get a handle on that problem

This filly will be named Talia. She is bonded to Tominichi (I will check spelling later. It is a mountain in Crested Butte. He is a two year old paint gelding. His nick name will be Tom. Talia and Tom will be the special project of the foundation.
The buckskin gelding is Dex. He is lame from a leg injury. The little black filly with a star is Izzy. And her friend filly may be called Promise. Terolyn will give special care to Dex and Izzy. Stacy will name and care for Promise. They will be in quarantine for two weeks. They love their food and are learning about treats. We could use extra donations for special medicines, vet care and feed.

We got home from Crested Butte with our precious cargo of five rescued horses at 10 PM. The story of our rescue trip was filled with many guardian angels. Wheel bearings went out in Pine Junction. It took a half dozen people to get coordination to transfer to another trailer for transport into Denver. Thank you Kerry and Tom. Also the truck drivers. also the storage owner, also Sandy and her husband for wheel repair and also the numerous offers of help. We are all tired and almost seeing double, That is why several photos are double.

Crested Butte - Horse Rescue

A crew from here, Teri, Stacy, Lisa, Bailey spent a day traveling to Crested Butte to pick out and pick up 5 horses rescued by Safe Harbor Rescue in Crested Butte. We got back to Terolyn Farms about 10 pm with all safe and sound. Going out this morning to meet the vet Dr. Rice. More later.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wonderful day for hay

Dana and Peggy made a very generous donation of a trailer stacked to the brim with beautiful, beautiful hay!

Our volunteers showed up in force to help unload and stack. We had Paul, and his daughter Lindsey who really worked hard. Dom showed up to do football exercises by lifting two bales of hay at once! Rob, Diane, Ryan and Jessica came full of energy to help, and Ryan used his rock climbing skills to get the hay to the back. The Smith family; David,Zach,Jacob, Alec, and Christian came in force with their own gloves to move mountains of hay. We will miss Zach who has gone away to Colorado College to rest up after moving all that hay! Elizabeth came back from Paris to help with the hay. Madison was part of the wheel barrow line collecting broken bales. Ashlee took time from her busy senior year to help. All the animals say a big thank you to Dana and Peggy! They are soooo happy to have their winter feed under cover.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Turkey time

Our hen turkey was sooooo lonely. Lynda, Diane, and Jessica went to an animal swap in Kiowa and found a perfect friend for our turkey. We named the tom Timber and the Hen Toni. We are learning about Heritage breeds and think Timber is a Beltsville variety created in Maryland. We had to look for a long time to find a turkey that was not double breasted as we wanted a friend turkey not a dinner.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hundreds of Pounds

We were lucky enough to receive a whole trailer of feed donated by Bob the policeman. In addition John was nice enough to deliver and stack with help from Kris our volunteer. We all say Thank You!