Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rescue horses safe at Terolyn

Teri and Doc Rice with vet check. Lots of worms so small dose wormer to get a handle on that problem

This filly will be named Talia. She is bonded to Tominichi (I will check spelling later. It is a mountain in Crested Butte. He is a two year old paint gelding. His nick name will be Tom. Talia and Tom will be the special project of the foundation.
The buckskin gelding is Dex. He is lame from a leg injury. The little black filly with a star is Izzy. And her friend filly may be called Promise. Terolyn will give special care to Dex and Izzy. Stacy will name and care for Promise. They will be in quarantine for two weeks. They love their food and are learning about treats. We could use extra donations for special medicines, vet care and feed.

We got home from Crested Butte with our precious cargo of five rescued horses at 10 PM. The story of our rescue trip was filled with many guardian angels. Wheel bearings went out in Pine Junction. It took a half dozen people to get coordination to transfer to another trailer for transport into Denver. Thank you Kerry and Tom. Also the truck drivers. also the storage owner, also Sandy and her husband for wheel repair and also the numerous offers of help. We are all tired and almost seeing double, That is why several photos are double.

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