Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rescue Day Two

Day two at Terolyn. The two boys Tom and Dex are greeting us. Dex has had his injured foot treated by Doctor Dale Rice. He is trying to put weight on it. All have been brushed and brushes disinfected after each use to prevent spread of ringworm and they have learned that treats are GREAT! The paint filly Talia gets her coat checked. Doc Rice has recommended special medicines for sores and ringworm. All have had 1/2 dose of wormer with second dose in a week. All are getting settled. All are haltered. The two year olds lead. They do love the coat massage and all the attention. The trailer has been repaired and is back at Terolyn. We need to get Thank Yous out to all who helped. We would love to have help with our blog to keep everyone updated on their progress.

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