Monday, October 30, 2017

On the road to Galilee Baptist church

The Galilee Baptist Church invited us to take some of our animals to their fall festival. We first had to groom the animals and put the halters on the right animals. Then we had to put oil, gas, and antifreeze in the truck. Josh helped with that.  Then Jaleigh, Leah and Josh designed a Poster for the event.  After that, we loaded the animals into the trailer for their ride to the Church. We unloaded them at the church and began the petting zoo.
 Katelyn told people about Stormy and Stormy got a lot of extra attention.
 Leah and Grace had Elizabeth and Toby. They made many new friends.
 The sun came out and all took a brief rest.  Maybe they were preparing to imitate camels in a nativity scene as they are part of the camelid family.
Jalee and Bucky loved all the special attention.  All had fun at this fall event.  Thanks to the Galilee church for the nice invite and the very generous donation.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Thank You Leah For your continued Support

Thank you Leah for your continued support. Leah is one of our wonderful volunteers. She is very talented and sells the jewelry she makes on her own website. She gave this necklace to Linda as a gift, and has donated almost 1,000 dollars to the foundation. We thank Leah so much for her awesome talent and her support.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Visit From Parker Core Knowledge

A group from Parker Core Knowledge came to visit us and the animals and to help us with the morning work. Molly gets some much needed attention.
Nathan prepares for his walk.
The alpacas get ready for their walk.
Millie and Elizabeth enjoy their walk and the extra attention.
Bucky, (white goat) Honey, (Black Goat) and angel (Brown and White Goat) enjoy their walk.
The animals loved the long walk and the extra attention. Thank you so muck Parker Core Knowledge for helping us today.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Visit from Colorado Early Colleges

A group from Colorado Early Colleges came to help out on the farm for their class project.
 They met the goats.
 Spread gravel.
 Cleaned stalls.
And walked all the animals. We thank our wonderful volunteer Grace for setting this up, and all the extra help. Thank you Colorado Early Colleges for coming out and helping us with all the things to do.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Visit from Care and Community

 A wonderful group of adults came out and helped us on the farm. They spread gravel in the stalls.
 Shoveled gravel.
 And worked together to get the stalls and runs perfect.
Thank you Care and Community for helping us out today.

Visit From Oppenheimer

 Oppenheimer came out to our farm to help out with chores. They have work day where they come and help out organizations, and they picked us! They met Bucky the goat.
 Helped spread gravel.
 Said hi to the llamas.
 And, painted the barn!!!
We thank the wonderful group that came out and helped us out. A big thank you to Terry, Olivia, Andrew, Blaire, Colleen, Kaitlin, Tina, Shelley, Kelly, and Liz.

Visit From Integrated Life Choices

A group of adults called Integrated Life Choices came to help us out on the farm. Jordan, Austin, Kayla, Brianna. They are very helpful to us and the animals and we really appreciate them coming around. The llamas also enjoy the extra help and attention.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Endeavor Academy

 A group from Endeavor Academy came out for work day.
 They shoveled the manure from the field and met the llamas.
 They cleaned out the stalls.
 Goldie enjoyed her walk around.
 Bucky the llama enjoyed the extra attention and the extra hay cubes.
The wonderful group welcomed a new chicken brought here by Chrissy. Thank you so much Endeavor for coming here and helping us.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


 Kirk the farrier came out today to trim our animals' hooves. He trimmed 2 ponies, 2 horses, and one goat. Toby is the first one to get trimmed. Our volunteers Josh and Jalee helped him out.
 Eddie the goat gets his feet trimmed and ready for winter.
Thank you Kirk for the amazing job you did for our animals.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


A group of special needs adults visited our animals today!!
 They enjoyed all of our animals, especially Stormy.
 Elizabeth the llama met all the people.
 Bucky the llama met all of the people.
The people loved the animals and the animals loved the attention. The volunteers Josh and Jalee helped out the adults and made sure all animals were safe.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Hay Storage Wall Built

 The horses get into the hay everyday. We were afraid they would get fat and colic. We wanted to get the wall put up before the first snow. The wholes were dug, up-rights put in, and cement poured.
 We put up 2 by 4's to help the structure.
 The siding was put up.
 Our wonderful crew Even, Josh, Kameron, Jordan, and Connor, worked together as a team.
The finished wall is very effective at what it does, ready for winter.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Animal Walk

Sophia, Laura, Bayla, Rebecca and Leah walk the alpacas and the ponies. The alpacas were only interested in eating but the ponies enjoyed the walk. Josh helped the animal walkers to know how to do everything right.
The alpacas love being walked.