Monday, October 26, 2015

Gambler on the move

Where do you think Gambler is going????  Stay tuned.

What's in the box??

Arrived home to find a special delivery box on our porch!!
What do you think it was?

                              Emmanual took it to the barn to discover what is inside??

                                       Two beautiful ducks.  What should we name them????

Endeavor Academy

 Perfect day for a wonderful walk and or parade with students from Endeavor Academy.
                                               Elizabeth gets to walk in tune to music.
                                                         Toby is enjoying the sights
                                            Fast Eddy is having a good time
                                             Stormy has a good walking companion.
                                            Jessica gets some extra TLC.
                                                        Millie is ready for a friendly kiss.
                          Jessica is carrying a snack home.  All the animals loved the visit and their                                                                     walk.  Thank you Endeavor students.

Nathan and Millie Return

 Margaret, her grand nephew, Grace, Claire, and Jewels return from the pasture where Nathan and Millie spent the summer.
 Millie and Nathan say a fond goodbye and thank you for the TLC.
Nathan is ready for his return trip home!!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Dr Dale here again :(

 Emanuel and his mom Allison came around to help with evening chores.  They agreed to stay and help with the vet call.  Dr. Dale was called out Friday evening and then called out again because Gambler is still not doing well.  Here Emanuel demonstrates how not to feed out hay:) as we wait for the vet.
 Dr Dale checks Gambler for gut sounds and hears some.
 Next he checks the hay.  Pretty stemy and may be hard to digest.
 Then he gives Lynda a refresher course on how to find the under jaw pulse for heart rate.
 With Emanuel's help he gives a muscle relaxer shot to calm the spasms and a dose of Ban-amine for pain
 Next Dr. Rice puts a tube to Gamblers stomach so he can fill him with a gallon of mineral oil.  If there is any remaining blockage causing pain, this should help pass it.  No food until oil is passed.
Finally Dr Dale takes a blood sample, worms him and tests his feet for soreness.  We are checking everything.  Even checked his poop again for signs of sand.  There was none.  Gambler walked over the hay truck hitch when hay was delivered.  He also fell in the aisle way several weeks ago. Dr Dale is so good and Gambler is such a trooper that I am sure he will be feeling well soon.

Colorado Film School shoots Cold Morning

Director Quade Wooten and his crew spent Saturday here filming some of the scenes for his upcoming short called Cold Morning

 This is a short film about a man dealing with his legacy.  In the film he works at a dairy farm with goats.  They filmed the main actor,  Kevin from Cork County Ireland and a favorite goat, Bandit.
Dennis, Paula and granddaughter Leanna were also on hand to see their famous goat in his acting debut.  Hope to post better pictures later--we were trying to stay out of the filming crew's way.
Group photo at the end of a day's shooting.  We were told that three full days shooting would result in a six minute short :)>

Friday Was A 'Diamond (good) and Coal (bad)' Day at the farm!

The diamond part of the day was that Daisy Girl Scout Troop 337 from Timberline Elementary School came to visit.  These are first graders and they brought treats for all the animals.

These girls helped to scoop poop, brush the animals and then help with the feeding.  They had a good time and the word from their Scout leader Ms. Prichart is that they would like to come visit again!!!!!

The Coal part of the day was that Gambler took a turn for the worse and Teri Allen from Terolyn, my grandson Mason, and Dr. Dale Rice came to help him. My grandson Mason helped with a test of extracted poop to see if that could help diagnose the problem.  He was not too happy to help handle a glove containg diluted poop.
 Terri Allen and Dale Rice worked with Gambler to give him water, electrolytes and DMSO with a tube feeding.  Dealer was started on a second round of antibiotics and pain medicine.  Gambler will be confined to stall rest until he is feeling better.
After Dale's visit, the Llama, Elizabeth gave him a well-deserved Goodbye KISS. Thank you Dale Rice. You are AWESOME!!