Monday, January 31, 2022


This very handsome 5 year-old Nigerian Dwarf is in search of an ideal home.  If you know anyone interested in learning more about rescuing hime, reach out to us here at the Edwards Foundation.

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Honey's Memory Plaque (Thanks Awards With More!)


Thank you so very much to Awards With More located in Castle Rock, CO for making us our 7th plaque of this season, this one in particular in remembrance of our sweet goat Honey. They have continuously helped us with memory plaques for our beautiful animals. Hopefully this coming solstice will bring more light to you, me and all of us.

Monday, January 17, 2022

Chicken Doctors (Bumblefoot)


In this picture is James comforting one of our beautiful little hens who unfortunately got herself a case of bumble foot.

This is what bumblefoot looks like, bumblefoot is a common infection that can occur when a chicken gets a cut on or around its foot and needs to be taken care of immediately to avoid further pain, discomfort and possible permanent  damage.

These are our "certified" chicken doctors, Jenny (left) and Mimi (right), who specialize in getting rid of the nasty bumblefoot and nursing our lovely chickens back to health with gentle care and a smile!

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Happy Birthday Dan !!

Us here at Edwards Rescue Foundation would like to wish one of our all time greatest and most helpful volunteers, Dan, a happy birthday! Dan can handle any task you throw at him whether its fixing a door with his carpentry skills or taking care of our energetic animals. Dan and his wife Dorothy have traveled the world helping others and even in their 80 years of age are still giving the shirt off of their backs. Happiest of birthdays to you Dan! Sorry its a couple weeks late!


Thursday, January 13, 2022

Hercules' Huge Snow Angel


This giant crater was created by the mighty Hercules during one of the recent snow storms. Hercules absolutely loves the snow and sometimes just can't help himself but to roll around and make beautiful, gigantic snow angels.

Who Said Man is a Dogs Best Friend?

This is Ramsey. Ramsey has one very important and special chore when she comes to Edwards Rescue Foundation, and that chore is pamper and spoil Miss Daisy which she is absolutely amazing at! In the top picture you can see Ramsey covered in fur from giving Miss Daisy a bath and fresh haircut. Daisy thanks you Ramsey!

Zero Degree Cold Crew


No amount of snow or cold can detour our courageous and strong willed Cold Crew. We cannot thank you 3 enough for coming and doing chores especially when the weather makes nobody want to step a foot outside. (Appearing from left to right Zoe holding Daisy, John, and Jessi.)

Care and Community Helpers


This is Jamie. Jamie has been coming to Edwards Rescue Foundation for about 10 years now. He is one of our best problem solvers and never fails to help out when and where ever he can. Thanks Jamie!

Here we have Jeff, giving special attention by brushing one of our lazy, sunbathing goats, Bucky, as Rudy the rooster supervises.

A BIG thank you to our proud trio of pooper scoopers (appearing from left to right Jeff, Elijah, and Eddie) who always do a stellar job at cleaning up the yard. We are so grateful for all of their contributions.

Monday, January 10, 2022


2021 was a challenging year with our animals.  Thanks to "Awards With More", we now have a beautiful plaque for the barn in memoriam of our sweet animals.