Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Visitors for Elizabeth

 Come visit our ambitious friend Elizabeth the llama If you want to take some amazing selfies with a llama. 



On behalf of The Edward Foundation of Rescue Animals, we would like to thank Lincoln Preforming Arts Center for the pumpkins they donated to the farm.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

We are sad to have to let everyone know that our sweet little rescue mascot, Stormy, has unexpectedly crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He passed peacefully overnight surrounded by his favorite goat and sheep friends.
Stormy began his life with a kind, older woman who loved him with all her heart and took excellent care of him. When she could no longer give him the care he deserved, she made the difficult decision to send him to my mom’s rescue, Edwards Foundation for Rescued Animals where he was loved and spoiled by all the volunteers.
He later developed some medical issues that required care at a place better equipped to deal with horses, so he came to stay with us.
Everyone who met Stormy instantly fell in love with his quirky personality and odd little nicker that sounded more like his goat friends than a horse.
We will miss him and his way of being right there with us, no matter what we were doing, while pretending to be completely uninterested.

It’s rare for us to have a rescue horse that was loved so well for his entire life. While we are sad that he is gone, we feel very lucky that we had the chance to be a part of a life well-spent.

We miss you already Stormy💔🐎



Lucy the goose was a very beloved goose. She was given to The Edward Foundation for Rescued Animals, because she had an injured leg. After her recovery she was full of energy. Then she was adopted by an amazing lady named Laurie. After many years Lucy came back to the farm and became the official greeter of The Edward Family farm. Everyone loved Lucy because she announced when someone arrived. Sadly Lucy has passed away, She will be very missed.


Daisy was a strong little dog who went through a lot before being placed with The Edward Foundation of Rescued Animals. After having Daisy for seven years the first family she was placed with decided they couldn't take care of her anymore. Than she was adopted by a lady and she was taken to be clipped. Her fur was clipped so short that she had to wear a sweater during the cold season to keep her warm. One week later, the lady decided she also couldn't take care of her anymore. Daisy was then placed with the Edward family. She became friends with Chip and Sammy right away. Daisy was with the Edward family for four years. On Monday Daisy went to 3 Peaks vet clinic. On Wednesday Daisy went to Aurora animal hospital for x-rays. Daisy on Friday than went to 3 musketeers vet, her heart beat was very weak and she was in respiratory distress. Shortly after Daisy passed away. We would like to thank all of the people at the vet clinics that helped us take care of Daisy. Daisy will be missed by everyone at The Edward foundation of Rescued Animals. She will also be missed by her best friends Chip and Sammy.