Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bunnies Forever

What lucky bunnies!  The Berndt family came to visit several weeks ago.  They fell in love with the bunnies.  They came on a cold weekend to bundle up the two bunnies and take them to their forever home.  Here Frances snuggles with Midnight. They may change her name to Delila.
Frances, her husband Jon and son Jacob and volunteer Ian help with the hutch.  Ian came at 7:30 to help get chores done.
 This dear mini Rex also gets snuggles from Frances.  She had him purring!
 All loaded and ready to go .
 The three cats Tuffy, Tom and Tiger worked up an appetite as they supervised the big move.  Guess who taught the bunny to purr!
We will keep you updated on our adopted animals.  We think the male bunny will be named Dusty Miller (also a silver grey flower).

Friday, April 12, 2013

This Spring - Sponsor a Tree of Life!!!

More Freckles

 This is Freckles' friend Emily.  She comes all the way from Castle Rock to help.
Freckles loves the special attention.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Volunteers work with Freckles

 Volunteers Caley and Ciera give POA pony Freckles a good brushing
Then they practice putting on a saddle pad.
 Then they put on his saddle.  No riding today.  Freckles just came here and has not been ridden for a while.  We are getting him ready for a forever home.  Come see him.  He is so cute.

"Love of Knitting", "Love of Crochet" Magazines do fall shoot at Edwards

The crew from "Love of Crochet" and "Love of Knitting" did part of their fall magazine shoot here.  J.C. Leacock is the photographer.  Kathy is the art director and arranged the shoot location.
All eyes were on In the afternoon shoot all eyes were on Dawn Nakamura from the Donna Baldwin Agency of models.  We saw a NBC Today Show interview with her.  She had open heart surgery at 26 and is now 50 and very beautiful both inside and out!
This is the crew from "Love of Knitting" and "Love of Crochet". Dawn -model, Jen-Editor, Kathy-Art Director, JC Leacock, photographer, and Danielle-Graphic Designer.  It was a treat to watch this photo shoot. 

Big hay arrives

Thanks to Chuck and Ginger from Kime ranch we were able to split a load of beautigul grass and alsip (red clover) hay.
Of course Pancake and Molly had to give their approval.
 These volunteers Mitch, Ryan, Jamie and Emily used math and physics logic to figure out how to move a seemingly immoveable object into the feed room!
 A job well done! Two 900# bales snug in the feed room.
And the rest of the bales in the hay shed and ready to be tarped.  Ryan uses his rock climbing skills while Jamie is safety man.We will have to admit that Chuck used a BIG tractor with a Big spike to move these bales to the stack.  Thank you all.

Estate comes to visit and do chores

                                            Pancake welcomes a work crew from the Estate.
                                                     Rooster oversees asileway cleaning.
                                                         The goats get clean bedding.
                                    Outside runs get a cleaning, too.  Thank you Estate crew.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Snow does not deter these hardy volunteers!

These two Artic explorers are missionaries Elder Erickson, from Cedar City, Utah and Elder Cook, from Idaho Falls, Idaho.  They chose to help us with our chores as part of their service duties.

This is Snow Bunny Miss Diane.  She is the barn manager and comes here daily to care for the animals.  She could be a postman because not wind, sleet, or snow can keep her from getting here to take care of the animals!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Good Sam Club member lends a helping hand

Ken is a member of the Good Sam Club.  Members are RV owners who always lend a helping hand.
 He came around and spent a whole day here doing general maintenance, repairing, and meeting the animals, and he donated all of the supplies that he used, as well!
After he finished, the llamas came around to inspect his fencing.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Goat Manicure

 One of the chores at the Edwards' foundation is goat manicures.
The toe clippers are very sharp and safety is our first concern.
 This is Fast Eddy ready for his manicure!
Miss Diane, a volunteer, and little Polly give Fast Eddy words of encouragement.
 Dakota, another volunteer, does a practicum while Jamie observes.
 Almost done!
 Bucky says, "Can I be next?"
 Bucky gets impatient to get the royal treatment!
 Dakota finishes up and Fast Eddy has happy feet again!
These pictures are brought to you by a brand new camera presented to Lynda and the Foundation by Miss Diane and Roxanne.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter Chicks-- the perfect kind!

These are a perfect example for Easter and spring "pets".  Each year we get myriad requests to take in unwanted chickens, ducks and rabbits.  These cute baby animals grow up to be a problem for owners.  Chickens and ducks are messy, make a lot of noise and are not allowed in many areas.  Also stores sell chicks in "straight" runs.  This means that roosters and hens are mixed.  Many areas allow four chickens but zero roosters.  Please this spring--  research care requirements, HOA restrictions and the life expectancy of these cute cuddly "pets".  They can be expensive, rabbits live to be 20 years and need regular vet checks, spay or neuter, nails trimmed, supplements, and a safe enclosure.  Their feet can become cut and infected if kept in a wire cage.  Some need regular grooming.  Come visit us if you would like to get a chicken, duck or rabbit "fix".  Rabbits are not for kids, they can scratch and bite.  If they jump out of your arms they can break their back.  Get chocolate or stuffed or ceramic chicks, ducks or rabbits.