Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bunnies Forever

What lucky bunnies!  The Berndt family came to visit several weeks ago.  They fell in love with the bunnies.  They came on a cold weekend to bundle up the two bunnies and take them to their forever home.  Here Frances snuggles with Midnight. They may change her name to Delila.
Frances, her husband Jon and son Jacob and volunteer Ian help with the hutch.  Ian came at 7:30 to help get chores done.
 This dear mini Rex also gets snuggles from Frances.  She had him purring!
 All loaded and ready to go .
 The three cats Tuffy, Tom and Tiger worked up an appetite as they supervised the big move.  Guess who taught the bunny to purr!
We will keep you updated on our adopted animals.  We think the male bunny will be named Dusty Miller (also a silver grey flower).

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