Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Girl Scout Troop #2744

These wonderful Girl Scouts came Saturday to help with chores.  They brought us a very generous donation from their Girl Scout Cookie sales.  They loved on the animals and did chores.  Lots of celebration.  Miranda baked special Llama cupcakes in honor of a longtime volunteer Grace.  Grace is heading to college in Wyoming in the fall and working at Homestead Veterainary this summer. Thank you Miranda for your volunteer work and sweet treats!

Brownie Visit Girl Scout Troop # 4139

These wonderful Brownies came to visit and help with the chores.  In addition they made a very generous donation.  The animals look forward to when they return.  They gave lots of TLC.  A great way to spend a Sunday.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Midnight gets a teeth float

Doctor Dale Rice and his assistant Wendy spent a day at Terolyn farm. They did a marathon tooth float. Midnight was really due to have the hooks on his back teeth removed this should help him be able to chew his hay more easily. We expect him to get fat and sassy.