Thursday, April 30, 2020

Juan \ Juanita enjoying some scratches.

Enjoying some ear scratches on a very sunny day!

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Goat cart or go-kart?

Josh, Brian and Evan doing some goat cart training.  Are they training the goats or themselves?!

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Great Goat Protectors!

The new goats looking tough while the other new llama addition, Kanga is being walked by Emily!

Monday, April 27, 2020

We're nuts!

The squirrel was eating all the nuts! So we released him on sunny day.

Off to find a new home!  Squirrel zooms activated! 

Volunteers from Care and Community

These wonderful volunteers come every day Tuesday and Thursday.  They are great help!!!  Thank you!!

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Juanita's Unique diagnosis

We recently took in a herd of 4 little goats from Jim and Linda in Brighton! After Evaluating the behavior of the goats, one of the female goats Juanita became aggressive and unsettled in her new environment. With this unusual behavior we called Dr. Signe Balch from Cherry Valley Vet Clinic. While Juanita is healthy and a beautiful African Pygmy goat, Dr.Balch came to the conclusion that she is also a hermaphrodite. By definition this means that Juanita has complete or partial reproductive organs of both genders.This means Juanita will now be referred to as Juan  (It/He/She/They?) We are so grateful to Dr.Balch for giving us information about this unique goat! His favorite activities are sticking his tongue out and running around with his goat and llama buddies. His maleness has given Juan a magnificent set of horns and the female side gives her a sweet and gentle personality.  Best of both worlds:) Stop by the farm to see this amazing one of a kind goat!

Friday, April 17, 2020

Toby and Josh's cousin

When volunteer Josh's cousin comes to visit he comes with Josh to help with chores.  We call him his mini me :)  Toby loves the special attention

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Barn Goats!

Alfalfa is approximately a 5 year old withered male. He is a great companion animal that gets along with everyone. Once COVID-19 is over come meet this kind soul!
Angel is a 7 year old withered male and his best friend is Dealer the horse. A personal barn favorite was brought to Edwards animals with a broken knee caps. He is named Angel because his side patterns resemble Angle wings.
Bandit is a 10 year old withered male. He is part silky part fainting goat. He was brought to the rescue with a pony and loves to go for walks. He was featured in a movie short made by Colorado Film School.
Bubble Gum is a 8 year old withered male. His spunky personality brings a smile to anyone's face. He looks like a black goat that tangled with white bubble gum :)
Bucky is a 4 year old withered male. He loves to use people as scratching posts and is a great part of the Edwards Family.  He paws to get attention and treats.
Fast Eddie is a 7 year old withered male. But don't let his name deceive you, placed as a yearling, Eddie developed founder resulting in him walking with a limp. With this, Eddie has become a permanent member of the Edwards Family. Volunteer Josh gives him a regular hoof manicure.
Frankie is a 4 year old withered male. He joined the Edwards family in March with his siblings. He has since became a great part of the Edwards Family. 
Honey is a 12 year old female that was surrendered by her owner along with a group of llamas. She is the Queen "honey" Bee of the farm and enjoys being around others.

 Junanita/ Juan was brought to the farm in May. Concerned about her behaviors we brought out Signe Balch of Cherry Valley Vet Corner, with further examination she was was given a diagnosis that it/they/he/she is actually a hermaphrodite. A hermaphrodite by definition is a organism that has complete or partial reproductive organs of both genders. One of her top features are her horns.  They are impressive for any alpha male:)
Kellie is a 5 year old female that was brought to the farm in May. She is cute, chubby and all she wants is to be loved. We have loved having her at Edwards Animals!
Leah is a 6 year old female. She enjoys spending her days in the sun sunbathing and standing in her feed trough. 
Loki is our 5 year old wanna-be reindeer. He spends his days with his best friend Ziggy. Hopefully he will lead our Christmas Caroling adventures.
Oscar (aka mini me Ziggy) came to the farm in May. His docile personality makes him a great fit in our family!
Willow is 4 year old. She is shy and cute as a button. She spends her days under the benches but loves human interaction! 
Wrigly is a 5 year old withered male. He wins the award for most handsome goat at the farm. Not only is he cute, he is so friendly. Truly a Edwards Animals favorite, he has stolen everybody's heart. He was brought to the farm after being rescued from a small pen where his companions were chickens and bees..

Ziggy is a 6 year old withered male. He spends his days with best friend Loki. He loves attention and his llama friends. He is learning to pull a cart.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Peace and Thank You

We Thank all the wonderful volunteers who come to help care for the animals.  They follow the virus protocol and go straight to the field.  They maintain the recommended 6 feet of social separation aka one llama.  Thank all who have given us so much help and support in the time of this COvid!!!!

Friday, April 10, 2020

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Virus)

These four horsemen come daily to help with chores.  Ryan, Richard, Josh, and Emily.  (Pre-Covid Image) as now we are practicing social distancing!!!!!  Those few allowed in the field must maintain a llama distance from each other.

Siobhan brings boot scraper

This wonderful volunteer brought us a fancy new boot scraper.  Maybe she got tired of sweeping all that s___ off of the kitchen floor :)

Loki and Friends

Since kids are home schooled due to virius concerns, many come around to help with chores and earn community service credit