Saturday, April 25, 2020

Juanita's Unique diagnosis

We recently took in a herd of 4 little goats from Jim and Linda in Brighton! After Evaluating the behavior of the goats, one of the female goats Juanita became aggressive and unsettled in her new environment. With this unusual behavior we called Dr. Signe Balch from Cherry Valley Vet Clinic. While Juanita is healthy and a beautiful African Pygmy goat, Dr.Balch came to the conclusion that she is also a hermaphrodite. By definition this means that Juanita has complete or partial reproductive organs of both genders.This means Juanita will now be referred to as Juan  (It/He/She/They?) We are so grateful to Dr.Balch for giving us information about this unique goat! His favorite activities are sticking his tongue out and running around with his goat and llama buddies. His maleness has given Juan a magnificent set of horns and the female side gives her a sweet and gentle personality.  Best of both worlds:) Stop by the farm to see this amazing one of a kind goat!

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